[Talk] Arashi = Dorks

I sometimes do not know what to think about certain people.

Not that it matters.

But I wonder if I should weep or laugh at what certain people do for their show.

Let's take a look at the Arashi no Shukudai-kun on Christmas last year.

They had a game brought forth from G no Arashi.

It is Aiba's board game, that is Aiba no Sugoroku. On the board, there are presents and punishments. If you got the former, you eat. If you got the latter, you suffer.

This is how the group began the game. All look nice except for Aiba who was dressed up as Rudolph. Aww, what a bunch of decent looking boyband members, or so you would think.
The game claimed its first victim upon the first roll of the dice. Ohno got to have a stocking over his head. This is the third time i have seen the group play this game, and Ohno got the stocking every time. And I do mean every time.

After. [No way in hell am I going to have a stocking wrapped on my face, ever.]
Aiba then got the nipple T-shirt where he was asked to wear a white T-shirt and two holes are cut where his nipple are.
My... that's a reindeer with a T-shirt that shows nipples. That is new.
Sho got the same thing. (Oh their eating scenes are not as interesting so I just capped their punishments. ^^)
Jun was still unharmed at this point.
Nino rolled the dice and got to have a stocking over his head. Ohno felt happy as this is a reunion! The last time the two got to have stockings over their head was during G no Arashi! This was a touching moment as the two were reunited.
Awwww, still no way in hell I am ever going to have a stocking over my head. EVER.
Then Ohno got this old man who was wearing only his undies came out and then... umm.. prompted for Ohno to pee. It was a weird show.
Ohno who felt embarrassed had Nino there to console him. Indeed a close pair of stocking brothers we have here.
Sho got to have the sides of his nostrils painted black.
MatsuJun was trying to run away from his punishment that is to have a hot towel placed on his face... or anywhere, really.
It was a hot, steaming piece of cloth.
Nino got the sides of his nostrils painted black.
Ohno got freaky old man again.
Nino consoled Ohno again, the two have something on, I tell you.
Jun got stockings. Before:
After. Oh and btw, the one on the left was in Letters from Iwo Jima. ^^ That's a actor who went to the Berlin film fest or something ya'all.
Aiba got to dance the freaky Otaku dance. Speaking of Otaku, I swear, someone I know would have looked perfectly suitable dancing that dance.
Steaming hot cloth placed on Sho's nipples which were already exposed.
Jun had to dance that Otaku crap again.
Poor thing. Being an idol is not easy.
Aiba got freaky old man throw.
Sho had hot paste painted on his mustache or where his mustache would grow if he had any.
It was pretty painful.
Jun got to have the nipple T-shirt. That was Nino grabbing his breasts.
Aiba won and got a Prada bag. Lucky bastard.
This was how they ended up. 3 nipple T-shirts, 3 stockings, 3 throws, 2 dances, 2 painted nostrils, 2 steaming cloth and a lot of eating later.
To think these people performed at least 3 times at the Yokohama Arena, had a 47 stop national tour, had an Asian tour and performed at the Tokyo Dome before.


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