[TV] Soreyuke Daida Man

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5 April 2008

I don't know what this is... but it has Kanjani8 and its a show. So? I watched it.

I think its sort of like Kanjani8 going around, helping people with in trouble or just lazy farts.

The first one had Ryo, Subaru and Hina helping a total slob of a woman clean her room up. xD Ryo's expressions were priceless, oh how the threesome were disgusted by the room and its condition. Subaru is cute as a button. No really, he reminds me of my big bully of a neighbour. Short but evil and insane. Ah...

Ryo and Hina cleaned the living room while Subaru got the mighty savvy task of cleaning the kitchen AND the washroom. Eww... the sink in the kitchen was totally gross. Like major gross. That bitch totally should clean up after herself. I, the self proclaimed slob, am saying this. That is fucked up, that apartment. And I thought I was messy. Seriously...

Ryo then started to get irritated by the woman who won't throw things away. Pissed!Ryo is not fun to watch. Not fun at all. He'd so throw you down on the floor and slap you ala DV. What? I am very involved in the drama right now okay? He gave her a lecture, a long-ass lecture about how if you don't throw away the things you don't use, your room will never be able to be tidied up.

Baru then found a dead, big, but dead cockroach in the sink. OMFG I am seriously grossed out right now. I need donuts. I crave donuts. (Random, I know. But I am hungry, you see.) Later, Ryo just stopped cleaning and watched from aside. xD Then Ryo was like "Oh the two Ossans are amazing eh?" and joined in the cleaning a bit later.

7 hours later, the room practically sparkled. Because they had Ryo, Baru and Hina cleaning it. Screw that bitch, they should come and clean my room. xD What? I kid okay? xD

I can't find the second part of the show. RAWR!

Okay, I am cool.


[Heyx3] NewS - Summer Time

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28 April 2008

NewS performed the song first and later they had a little talk session.

Ryo talked about how a bunch of friends, about ten persons, threw Yamapi a surprise birthday party. xD Hamachan was like "Are the members of NewS included?" Ryo was like "No." xD Oh before that they mentioned about Ryo's DV Otoko portrayal and how Hamachan also has DV tendencies. They talked about the surprise and how Pi wasn't quite impressed. Then they asked if the other members gave Pi a present. xD Pi said he only received mails. Hamachan stood up all pissed and asked them to go home. xD

Then there was total chaos about who gave who presents, who didn't return the action, then Pi pointed at Shige and accused him of something. xD NewS is so not united xD I smell group trouble. Hamachan was like "Tegoshi the fuck are you doing being the only one wearing a hat" Macchan was like "TEGOSHIII" xD Same-old same-old. I can tell that Downtown favours NewS among the Johnny's.

Later they had a segment called "Heyx3 NewS news" Poor NewS, didn't they have a segment with a similar name in Utaban? Everyone wants to make a pun with that name eh? They later discussed Shige's April's Fool prank on Koyama. Something about a mail he sent to Koyama saying that "After this new song, Pi is going to leave NewS". xD The mails went something like this.

Shige: After the new single, Pi is going to quit NewS.
Koyama: Why?
Shige: I don't know but keep it a secret.
Koyama: Its impossible without Yamapi!
Shige: Do you know what day is today? (He thought he should tell the truth since its right before the play Koyama was involved in.)
Koyama: Tuesday.

Tegoshi then wanted to do another impersonation or a display of talent in some way. TEGOSHI!! xD Please, do realize that it isn't working. xD Its like Ohno's Mago Mago Arashi Chahan. xD Macchan was totally un-fucking-amused. Not amused at all. xD xD Hamachan's face was totally scary. xD By the time Koyama tried to display what he does in karaokes. Hamachan's facial expression was priceless.

They showed videos from when the members were young first up was Massu in a Taiga drama, "Musashi" where he screamed the same line twice to which Macchan was like "The hell do you need to do that twice again?" Pi's video was from before he joined Johnny's and he was an extra in a drama. Ryo's was that widely circulated clip of him and Yoko in that watermelon eating photoshoot. xD Ryo was like "The hell is that dude doing, appearing in a NewS-related interview talk thingie again?" Then the narration described Yoko as a "weird thing" xDD.

Then there was something about Shige being coursemates with Tanimura Nanan (I think that is her name...)and Pi doing the hula game.


[TV] The Shounen Club Premium - KinKi Kids

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1 July 2007

xD This was the first time more than one guests appear in this Johnny's segment of Shounen Club Premium. KinKi Kids appeared together to talk about their Junior days. I think it is because their careers have always been related and intertwined that they appeared together.

They first met in Yokohama Arena and the first thing they talked about was "What do you watch on TV?". They were forced to have a conversation because it was totally awkward and silent. xD DoTs said that conversation topic made him feel like they were a couple or something.

Johnny then ordered steak with foie gras and the two was like "The hell is that?" Okay, DoKo didn't really put it that way. But he did say that they didn't know what the heck that was. Oh this interview was done during their 10 anniversary. (Oh, marriage is such a beautiful thing...) What? Gasp they aren't married? I am shocked beyond words. Look at that chemistry. Okay, you know, I am shutting up about this and moving on to another topic.

DoKo then sung a freaky song for reasons I don't really even want to know. They then looked at video clips from their younger days. Everyone hates this segment. The fangirls dig it. Stay, it shall. For the embarrassed faces of the glamorous now-famous Johnny's is too precious to miss. Everyone has humble beginnings, it is good to revisit them to stay grounded.

The clips include one in which the two were topless and they were... kinda boxing but not really boxing. Woah look at the serious faces. What the hell were the Johnny's boys doing in the early 90s, I have no idea. It must be the generation gap thing. Nowadays, the kids are so much luckier. They get to act and do variety shows. I bet those were variety shows too, but the 90s and what was popular then kinda escapes my memories since I was merely 5 when they were doing that.

Geez, appalling clips, those were. By the fifth clip DoTs was like "Gosh, this is too much!" Well, the fangirls are lovin' it. xD Then there will clips from "Idol On Stage" which was the then version of "The Shounen Club". I think. They then yapped about V6's debut which came before theirs then there was something about their own debut. They then started to call Johnny Kitagawa Mr. Foie Gras if I am not mistaken. xD

They two then talked about their debut single, "Garasu no Shounen" and then they performed it. I love that song. It is addictive you know? They were dressed in white outfits. I like KinKi Kids in white. Especially DoKo. But DoTs, I like him in his colourful fancy thingies more.

They then played ANOTHER series of clips of KinKi Kids post-debut. They sang "Furawa" in the clip. I fakking love that song! There were clips from PopJam as well. They later performed "Anniversary" which is... of course, their lovey dovey song. If they were a dude and a chick or a married couple, they would play this song and then do a bit of slow dancing after they put their kids to sleep. A bit of romance keeps the marriage alive. They drink wine and sway to the music together. Ah... romance is such a beautiful thang.

Tsubasa appeared in the form of a video clip and talked about DoTs. Nagase talked about DoKo. By the end I lost my patience and then browsed through the rest. xD I am easily bored. They then sang "Ai no Katamari"! I like this song too. Ah they have a lot of nice songs, you know? Its difficult to not like them. xD Plus they are crack. That DoKo is an idiot. DoTs is not much better. I have a thing for idiots. This is the love theme for the two. This is the product of their love. DoKo composed it, DoTs wrote the lyrics. Ah...

Okay, I'll shut the fuck up right now. I'm sorry for making up stories and scenarios like this.