[TV] Arashi no Shukudaikun

7 April 2008

This Odoroki no Arashi unaired scenes special caters to fangirls more stupid moments of Arashi being... errr Peter Pans. Anyways, its quite okay, but I have to admit that this episode was out before I left I just didn't quite got it because I figured "Hmm... since I already watch Odoroki no Arashi 4..." But for the sake of completeness and all things round and whole, I watched it finally and I am glad I did.

Mirrorman Aiba's underwater trip, Ohno's Mirrorman, Sho's evil schemes to prevent himself from having to fly in that hot air balloon made from newspaper. That disgusting looking melon. I think these stuff are either too gross to air during normal times or too trivial OR too stupid. Yes, the TV Station figured that young kids should avoid watching too much Arashi until they gain enough common sense to differentiate crack from dumbness.

Do you know Aiba's wrinkle at the end of the eye thing? My friend bought a face-reading book and it says that people with those wrinkles are total flirts. If the wrinkles don't reach the sides of the hair line, they only look and talk, they don't do physical actions, if they do reach the hairline at the side, well, they're not only flirts but horny ones. I think Ohno has the wrinkles too and Sho and Jun. Nino... I am not sure. Come I go watch them smile and then I come back with a conclusion.

I don't really believe in fortune telling, but it would be fun to play around with it. "Oh you horny bastard. Oh you have high sex drive!" Stuff like that.


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