[PV] KAT-TUN - Don't U Ever Stop


Looks expensive.

Looks very avex trax.

What is the funny thing growing on Jin's head?

I like the song a lot.

Jin is no longer fat. Damn, now I need to find something else to say.

I don't know if its the colour of the clothes or whatever, when Nakamaru walks in the crowd, you just... don't focus on him. When the camera shows his solo shot, amongst nameless strangers, his image just doesn't jump out to you. Poor thing must be saddened about his... I-don't-know-what.

I like the general concept of the PV, I don't get it, but I like the... um... stuff? Oh and the round shiny balls. Savvy. xD

Kame is very wriggly. Junno looks good with his shorter hair. Ueda looks... um... in between the two genders, as usual. Woo Jin did the air guitar thing.... um... um... whats that thing on his head? As usual, Koki looks 40. OMG Ueda just stuck his tongue out... I think he's suggesting blowjob to Nakamaru. xD They should. They went to Hokkaido didn't they? xD I bet something happened.

What? Well something SHOULD happen.

OMFG Jin just licked his palm and said "Uhuhuhuh HELL YEAH." That is just creepy and filthy. Did he wash his palms? I think palms are the dirtiest things... apart for the sole of the feet (NOT Nishikido Ryo. I mean the real sole of your feet.) Then Koki rapped near what seems to be one of those tables in the casino. Oh did I tell you I went inside a casino the other day and it was totally overrated? (Not here girl, not here...) Fine, back to the PV then.

Junno looks delicious. xD When he's dancing and stuff.

Hm... I like the video.

Strange I know. But it has that... expensive look to it. My friend Atzie will like this video. She likes expensive stuff. Apparently, price are indicators of quality. Or something like that.

Anywhoo... err... hmm... kids... don't lick your palms unless there's like melted cheese or cream or potatoes stuck to it mmmkay? See, on your palms, there are bacterias, they invade your insides and make you stupid. Don't lick your palms.


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  1. the kat tun guy i meant is Kamenashi. He's in nobuta wo produce right? yeah...xD

    Btw, do you have Nobuta wo Produce???

  2. oh and also Last Friends...Ryo is in there hahahahahahaha....i was like, THAT GUY looks FAMILIAR, i saw the poster, the one where they all lie down...and ryo in the corner...looking so lonely lol...

  3. Hmm, whenever i see kat-tun clips on your blog, i get the sense they are lurking. o_O

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