[Drama] Seigi no Mikata

Summer 2008


Starring: Shida Mirai, Yamada Yu, Hongo Kanata, Mukai Osamu...
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Nakata Yoko has a beautiful and intelligent elder sister named Makiko. Makiko is selfish, self-centred, evil and manipulative. Yoko is constantly tortured by her sister and forced to do things for her. But this side of Makiko, only Yoko knows. Their acquaintances all see Makiko as the perfect woman who is an ally of justice because Makiko's actions that are intended to benefit herself ended up helping others.
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Nakata Yoko, nicknamed Kumako by Makiko, is an average looking girl of lower-than-average intelligence. She got dumped by her boyfriend when Makiko told him that she poops. (What, like seriously, do you think girls don't poop? SERIOUSLY WTF.) But then it turns out that her boyfriend has been banging girls and getting them pregnant. Yoko then encountered the most popular boy in school... Okamoto Riku. And yes, by the first episode you know stuff is going to happen.
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Upon the first episode, Yoko has her eyes set on an elite young man who graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University. His name, is Yoshikawa Naoki, he loves the environment and is concerned about starving kids. He loves classical music. Everything that he stands for, Makiko does not. But she finds all the information out by sending Yoko to investigate.
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How will their relationship progress? Will Yoko withstand the torture imposed on her by Makiko? Well. You know, I don't know. What am I? Psychic. Only the second episode is out. Geez. Well... I know you didn't ask... xD I am a sad lonely person. I talk to a blog. Cut me some slack.
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Episode 1 + 2:

It turns out, I was mistaken. No, Nino is not the spawn of the devil, neither is he devil incarnate. No... its not Nishikido Ryo as well. Its NOT the Maou a.k.a. Naruse Ryo. Its Nakata Makiko played by Yamada Yu. I kid you not. If I am born with such a sister I'd run away from home before I could even crawl.

Shida Mirai is a cute little girl isn't she? Cute and lucky. Bitch got to play lovey love games with not only Miura Haruma BUT also Hongo Kanata. But she's totally funny. Her expressions and everything. Well we have the future of Japanese movies and television all set eh? With the likes of Shida Mirai and Miura Haruma and Hongo Kanata. Ah, what a bright future it is! You would have expected me to throw in some Johnny's boys into the list but no. Takaki Yuya cannot hold a candle to the two boys I mentioned above. If Johnny's don't throw out boys of better quality, when Kame and Pi and Toma go down, they would have no replacement. Competition is tough.

The drama has a nonsensical tone to it. Makiko getting away with the worst things. Crazy parents ignorant of the shit happening to Yoko because of Makiko. Things.

And why is it that in Japanese dramas, girls will always be mean to other girls for the boys? WHY? Have the women no pride? Oh well, whatever. I'm hanging on to mine like its my life. Even if I die a spinster. Yesiree.

Yamada Yu is sooooooooo purty. xD She is. And skinny too. Well I gained a potbelly during the holiday. I think I am going on a diet. xD

I so need to sleep when I typed this. Who gives a shit about typos and grammatical mistakes? Who gives a shit about stupid airheaded comments on things like... say... Hongo Kanata's shipwreck of a set of teeth. Not me.

Upon finishing: TBA

Ratings: 3.5/5

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