[Talk] Kouhaku over Johnny's Countdown

I heard that they will be hosting Kouhaku again this year, that means no Johnny's Countdown for them. Well obviously this is a bigger gig. They also replaced Matsushita Nao with Inoue Mao. Good move, that Matsushita annoyed the living daylights out of me. 

Arashi squeaky cleanness has done well for them these few years. With all the natural catastrophes and all the economic turmoil around, I believe Japan needs some of the rainbow Arashi has to offer, well, as compared to the thug-ness of the other units. 

I mean, true that they tried to maintain all of their units squeaky clean, but it seems that even Johnny's couldn't keep the thug-ness of the Akanishi Gundan down. With all their womanising and booze, which, by the way, is helluva sexy. Yes, I know, so much for feminism. I belong in the kitchen. 

The question remains, why is Arashi not womanising as much? I mean, considering their age, its not too far apart from those like say in, NEWS or KaT-TUN. So why are they so clean? Apart from a few minor scandals and Ohno's considerably scandalous break from his image with all the pot. I tried digging, am I not digging deep enough? Unless they are that good at keeping it under wraps. =D

This is why they were chosen for Kouhaku. Look how sparkly clean? Bring any one home and daddy will be less hostile, if not pleased. 

Owh, well so much for wanting something to talk about, there is nothing but positiveness here, unless I am being biased. 

I give them two more years. As much as I obviously favour these boy scouts, I give them a maximum of two years with such momentum. Note that said momentum would be on a downward slope as well. How so? Apart from the fact that they are selling less and less like hot cakes, the K-pop invasion, which I maintain my aversion towards. 

Though I highly doubt they will slump back to their 2002-2003 pits, it is unlikely they will rule the yearly charts over that harem of prepubescent teenage girls. Speaking of which, they scare me. Like, I am scared of those girls.

Inoue Mao! I anticipate this upcoming Kouhaku. It appears that they are sprucing up things for a younger demographic. By the way, the red team really has to start winning. Despite the fact that I want all things good for Arashi, I still lack a certain appendage that makes me want to root for the white team excessively.

Just saying.

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