[PV] Arashi - Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~

Heh, here's something funny: I don't hate it. I did in the beginning with the lame set and the cheap lighting. Okay, maybe it is the crappy PV quality and everything. But then, there came the scenes shot from the bottom. And I immediately sat up straight. I was thinking... now that's a new view of their crotch never quite seen before!
What? I am only a young women. =D I know the HQ PVs are out but I am really lazy and I'll just make do with these cos I am going to shrink them anyway. Page-loading is a bitch no matter how fast your connection is.

Gosh, what a cheap PV. I get the feeling that this PV was filmed quite some time ago, judging by the state of MatsuJun's hair. I like that hairstyle. I heard the fandom coined the term 'Momo-hair' for it. Not bad. xD I do not like Jun's ugly jeans though.

I don't like that poofy vest Aiba was wearing. I do like the hot pink shirt underneath.
Dear ol' Sho couldn't stop 'Sho'-ing his hands like that.

Okay, their outfits as a whole, I do not like. So... boy next door. I was under the impression that these people are being marketed as a superstar-ish presence. Well, sad that they don't dress the part. They can learn a thing or two from Tohoshinki's stylist, really. Always classy, always sexy. Even if it can be repetitive, it may be a bit monotonous and bland, but at least they look good being boring with clothes. Sorta like how Nate Archibald looks good being boring with his personality. What? Gossip Girl is the shit.
Why is Aiba wearing grey-ish colored pants and Nino wearing a grey-ish coloured jacket? Are they trying to make them blend in with the background? Sure, that's a way to make a PV. Make your subjects blend in with the background. Ohno has nice hair. Jun has nice hair. Nino has nice hair. Sho's jeans are as horrible as Jun's. What? I really do think I can style these people better. xP Bite me.

I remembered that Jun was also wearing that retarded shortened-tie thing for his Utaban performance. Perhaps he is trying to start a new trend. Someone should tell him short ties are indeed cute, on teddy bears and short Japanese schoolgirls who would look dumb with a normal-length tie. Best lookers, Ohno and Nino. Jun's pants are... horrific.
I like the dancing. The dancing is good. Actually, any dancing is good because I cannot dance - AT ALL. I swear if I try, it would look just like I am sweeping with an awkward broomstick. Sad, I know. But seriously, they could have rehearsed a bit more. They weren't that in sync and the choreography is sort of been-there-done-that as well. Some parts brought back memories of images from "truth" and I swear, the ending was just a variation from that of "We can make it".
I really have to say more about the lighting and the set. The PV looks like a draft that has yet to be enhanced with CGIs and all that techno savvy crap. Seriously, what the hell? Are they stealing Arashi's funds to pay for... uh... other crap? Must have been put into Jun's hair. Should have known the monthly hairstyle-change, daily treatments and the crap they put into their hair cost a fortune.
The song isn't bad. The chorus is catchy. Now that I think of it, I can hardly find a Johnny's boyband song with a chorus that isn't catchy.

I don't hate it because they have the crotch shots from below. It does look like I am bashing, I know. But, it is because fangirls will take anything they throw out that qualities are slumping. I am willing to just let this one go because they had to split the funds between two PV. I guess that's tough~

By the way, the cover of the booklet for the CD. Ohno is so the sex on that cover. xD What? xD This is PG-13-ish... I guess.


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  1. yeah..i have to agree..like why are their PVs so cheap looking??!!...or wll plain.....maybe they're spending too much on KAT-TUN "AGAIN"???
    it'd be nice if there was more to this PV then just dancing.....though the choreography is good :)

  2. whats wrong with it huh?
    why does everything have to be fancy?
    I think its good that the set is simple and their clothing is plain, it makes them seem normal, which is the image they are going for, rather then that wannabe hardcore shit that other bands try and pull, such as KAT-TUN, where they try to be sexy but just aren't.
    I actually really like the dancing, it is an awesome dance, and yes there are similar moves, but thats because they are signature moves. In other PV's i have been annoyed because there isn't enough dancing and too much other stuff, so I think this is good. and I think they were in sync mostly, I mean it was pretty good, they've gotten better at dancing then from previous PV's,

    my favourite PV yet, because its real, I hate try-hard, lets just be sexy and hope it sells bands, Arashi are awesome, thats why they've been around so long.

    But i will also admit, Jun looks awful!!!! the jeans are hideous!!
    but everyone else is nice :D

    you are right in some of what your saying :D

  3. I love this PV. Plus i love their outfits. Esp. Sho's outfit. The dancing is AMAZING!!!!!! They all look KAWAII!!!!!!!!! They are normal guys. And that is why we LOVE them!!!!!!!!

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