[PV] Arashi - Ashita no Kioku

=D Back for an entry or two. 20 days before my finals! But nothing brings me back like a new Arashi single can. While I am so, extremely, totally immersed in my "Gossip Girl" obsession, Arashi's still... Arashi. Btw, Chuck Bass, a ball of sex with limbs, and a scarf. What? A girl gets hungry.

First up, their look. I think Aiba's hair is so not suitable for him, like seriously. Light hair makes his features look bleh, cos, lets face it, he ain't no MatsuJun whose features are so... distinct that you can spot the man from two blocks away. I stared at his face for the longest time, deciding why he looks less hot sometimes. I have decided that it is because his top lip is shaped weirdly.
They cut Ohno's hair too short, makes him look fat in the face, which, makes him look younger. I like the whole look on him though, like a tiny little thing you can squeeze.
Nino's hair was weird. It is like... short on the right side and longish on the left. He was doing that thing where he tries be a ventriloquist. I don't know why people do that. I know they're lipsynching, but you just want them to open their mouths a bit.
Sho looks good. Very good, would be better if they take half an inch off his hair. xD
If I have to choose a best look for the PV, it is MatsuJun. I was deciding between Sho and Jun. Now, I know I haven't shown a lot of love for Jun in this blog, but I don't like... hate him. And this is rare, but he looks really damn hot here. Not Chuck Bass hot, but still hot.
The song. I love, love, love the chorus. It is heartwarming, soothing, with a hint of... melancholy. t might actually be perfect for the drama. BUT, goodness, Kamiyama is starting to piss me off in the drama. The verses are a bit less catchy, but overall, it is a very good song. And if "Truth" was to sell over 600k, this should sell around that number as well. Now, if there's something I want to see them achieve before I totally forget this Johnny's fandom thing, it would be a million-seller for this group.
The PV is sorta a bit too wishy washy in the sense that... it is just... lets dress in neutral, boring colors and pose around in a cheap studio set and pretend to do everyday things with style and... uh... prettiness. Oh, a clock/tart! Allow me to take a picture of it and stick it on my wall as testament to my artsy-farty photography and designing talent. Oh, let us throw in a scene or two of paper aeroplanes hung on a string like they mean something to add to the 'depth' of the message of the video. We like depth. No one doesn't like depth. Oh! A flower! That's genius! Photos glued together to make the shape of a flower! I am sure that means something deep too. Fangirls don't like to watch them shake their asses, we'd look at a damn wall, cos god knows that's exciting.
And the scenes where they sit around and sing soulfully like they are reminiscing their past loves... Come on, they're convincing no one, we all know they're thinking about fishing and games. I do realize that it suits the feeling the song is trying to communicate, but I can sleep watching it. It is a wee bit better than when I was watching "Citizen Kane". That made me want to kill myself. =D Call me uncultured, I don't know why the hell that is the best movie of all time. I was turned off with the mention of 'Xanadu'. Oh the PV, yeah... zzzzz....
Now, if they throw in a story or something... throw in an actress and some death, tragedy, sadness. Now that is a PV. Oh, it would be better with a scene or two focusing on their asses. What? It is the damn hormones. PMS makes me... uh... hungry.

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  1. lols~, i actually like this pv, even though it's sort of plain, but it's nice :).
    And as other people in the fandom has pointed out, there's alot of symbolism going on; and it matches the lyrics, esp. the last line.
    but again....arhafascficha!! Are they trying to remake kamiyama's room or are they low on budget??

  2. just to point out that one screencap of matsujun in the glowing² lights so reminds me of a certain someone... *ahem*gackt*ahem*

  3. wow~ you're quite harsh on it but it makes me laugh...
    i love this pv... really~

    but i do agree on the part where Nino would barely open his mouth...

    but still, all in all, this pv was quite nice...

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