[Drama] The Quiz Show II

Spring 2009


Starring: Sakurai Sho, Yokoyama Yu, Maya Miki, Matsuura Aya, Izumiya Shigeru, Oohashi Nozomi...
The drama revolves around a mysterious quiz show which offers the contestants a chance to make their dreams come true. But going through the quiz proves no easy feat for the contestants as the host and the director, who seem to know everything about the contestants, asked the contestants questions about their darkest, most secretive pasts.
Although the producer, Saejima Ryoko, objects to such a method of attracting high viewership ratings, everyone else seemed to agree to follow the lead of Honma Toshio, the suspicious director who has a strange, commanding presence over the host, Kamiyama Satoru.
Kamiyama lives in a dark, guarded room and appears to have lost his memory prior to hosting the quiz show abd suffers constant headaches with snapshots of his past appearing in his head occasionally.
Honma appears to bear a grudge but was able to work with Kamiyama to create a successful quiz show along with other crew of the show such as the diligent and driven Takasuji Reina.
The theme song, I LOVE. I LOVE. So glad it is for this drama and not that other one with another member of Arashi in it.

It is only after really exciting dramas that I go by an episode-by-episode description of my thoughts because... uh... I am that psyched!

Episode 2

I have the first season, I guess watching it would clear some of my doubts about the show and I would know the path on which this drama will take on sooner. But I am so busy with my assignments and everything that I cannot really focus on it. Besides, it seems fun to wait a bit anyways. Just watch as the drama unfolds.

It appears that the amnesiac Kamiyama also has a multiple personality disorder and is controlled by the sneaky Honma for reasons that have yet to be revealed. I have a major presentation tomorrow and I am blogging about dramas. I rock.

Who the hell is this Misaki? Let me see, she drowned and Kamiyama was probably banging her before she died. Why does Honma appear to hate Kamiyama so? Perhaps Honma and Misaki are related? By blood? By love? I am going to make a daring prediction. I love predictions. I made one for Maou and I got it correct. This one proves a bit more twisted. Let me see... definitely not siblings, since their family names are different. Or Honma can be a fake name. Honma was banging Misaki when Kamiyama and all his Sakurai-hotness came along and snatched Misaki away. Something happened, like the boat Kamiyama and herself rode on went kaboom and then she drowned. Honma, pissed, decided to lock the amnesiac up and torture him. He is sadistic, that was why Misaki left him in the first place.

Someone hire me, I would be a good novelist.

The cast and the guests for this season appears to be much more famous as compared to the previous season. What a great cast, like Sho, Yoko, Maya Miki and Ayaya weren't enough, they had Aikawa Sho for the first episode, Minami for the second and then Narimiya Hiroki will appear for the next. Amazing.

I know Sho is like the star and all. He's the one people are tuning in to watch, but my goodness, Yoko turns me on like never before. What? I am only a girl. Kamiyama's constant headaches is getting old. Saejima's constant worries is getting annoying. YokoxAyaya seems to be a weekly thing. We like. Takasugi will be an important character before the drama ends. That, I think will happen since the cast kept suggesting it in the preview episode.

I didn't skip one minute and still the drama seems to just fly on by. It just fills my head with questions. I hate not knowing. Gah! I am putting my money on Honma being the mastermind psychic and Kamiyama is the puppet, chosen to torture. Evil!Yoko. Nothing more I can ask for. We look forward to next week's episode, with two presentations, 2 reports and one test in my head.

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