[TV] Waratte Iitomo - Yokoyama Yu

15 April 2009

One of the reasons I like Kanjani8 is because most of them are able to remain modest. I know they're not as successful as other groups, therefore are unable to be cocky even if they want to. But they are having some amount of success. They're selling more than KinKi Kids or NewS or V6 now, and they are still able to retain their modesty. That is something rare. I mean look at the dudes from NewS. Single sales are so-so, about three of them had some form of drama career, yet all five out of six of them are cocky bastards (and no, the one that isn't cocky is not Ryo.). No, really. Their newest PV looks like a foreboding failure to me.
Kanjani8 is still able to just be the stupid one and admit that they're not sophisticated, good-looking, sexy idols but more of comedian-idols. Arashi still makes fun of themselves, but now that they're having so much success, you can tell that they're overflowing with confidence, like the name "Arashi" is supposed to stand for something. Don't get me wrong, the success is great, but... uh... it is not all great. K8 is like... Arashi from 3 years ago, but less publicized and very Kansai.
Yoko is one of my favourite Johnny's. To see how grateful he is for being on this show, Waratte Iitomo, makes me happy. At least he realizes that success is not a matter-of-fact thing. I mean, K8 probably had the most low-keyed, under-publicized debut of all the Johnny's groups. I think that the K8 boys (minus Ryo) are a bit too modest. Their sense of self-worth is a bit too low. Okay, the same cannot be said of Ohkura. But when Yoko was saying how Sho and Takki were way more popular than he is... :( Like, seriously, Takki? Takki who? xD
He looks so skinny. He lost weight for the drama, not because they asked him to, but because he wanted to say that he lost weight because of a drama. I didn't think he's fat back then, just not Japanese-idol-skinn. The hair. Goodness, the hair. It is similar to Seishiro hair. Gosh, I had the biggest crush on Yoko's Seishiro from Yukan Club. He is very, very hot actually. Just watching this episode made me that much more excited about The Quiz Show II. I actually am more excited about Yoko than Sho. I am so glad he got rid of the crazy ass perm he got earlier this year. Always black, always Seishiro hair. Please.
Uh... maybe he should stop talking about farting. xD Image, image. Idols have to maintain their image, no? About the drama, it is improbable but... YokoxAyaya. Please. More so than ShoxAyaya. xD I cannot get over how good-looking he looks right now. Oh~ brings back memories of Seishiro. I am appalled that the man isn't getting more dramas.
Yoko is so humble. I love humble people. Love, love, love. You know, like as rich as they get, they are still into cheap stuff. Like how Nino loves cheap food. Not that that is humble, probably just stingy. I lost my point. Yoko is hot and humble and way underrated. With a face like that, you wonder why is he not the star of the group.

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  1. oh dear he is so hot in the Quiz Show II i have trouble breathing everytime i see his face on screen

  2. Oh I LOVE Yokoyama yu! :D He is way underrated, which I totally don't get, he's my favorite in KanJani8 and one of my top favorites in JE. <33

  3. yoko was da 1st johnny's idol dat i admire..he is not ashamed to make a fool out of himself and everything come out of his mouth always make me laugh..it's such a shamed dat less people can actually see his quality..i think da main problem is, k8 only focus in osaka..they shud explore more..

  4. GOD WHAT YOU SAY IS WHAT I GET IN MY MIND! and when people compare yoko-kanjani8-to Kat-tun, news or WHATEVER thingy, IT REALLY PISS ME UP for sure! Let's spread yoko~love forever~<3

    Ah if you have an lj, i wanna be friend with you, for sure :) I'm here sonia_san.livejournal.com or contact me in fb, please? :)~ anestesia_foryou2@yahoo.com


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