[Talk] Sadists Are Sexy

I am HOOKED on "The Quiz Show". And frankly, I haven't thought about watching "Smile".

The "Smile" storyline just doesn't attract me at all and I was watching Jun on Hanamaru Cafe and the preview showed Jun crying in a telephone booth or something. Well, that alone could have turned me off.

"The Quiz Show" one the other hand.
I would pretend that Yoko is reading this blog and then ask him to do unmentionable things with myself in presence, but then, I am trying to not sound so freaky. So, I am just going to say... he's hot in a creepy way.
The double-personality thing Sho's Kamiyama has going on is... okay, so, if you are an amnesiac, you don't just transform from a confident, cocky host into a crazy, panicky mental patient just like that.

The whole drama has a wtf thing going on. It is wtf that attracts the audience. I cannot help but wonder wth is going on with the storyline.

Both Yoko and Sho are GREAT in there. Not being biased, seriously. But Yoko has an evil Seishiro going on, that was all. But that alone was enough to prove that he can act, have you seen Yoko as Yoko? Sho... so very believable as a quiz show host, the type that makes you want to smack him or turn the TV off, but you don't because you are curious.

I didn't like Ayaya a few years ago, until I watched "Ao no Honoo", the girl is famous/popular for a reason. Maya Miki, always great.

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