[TV] Arashi no Shukudai-kun

13 April 2009

Guest: Ayase Haruka

Firstly, I like Ayase Haruka. She is my favourite Japanese actress and this episode would have been a must-watch-more-than once for me even if it ain't that funny. And since she was there to promote a movie called "Oppai Volley" which loosely translates to "Boobs Volleyball", you know Arashi would go to great lengths to mention boobies as many times as they can.
Ayase Haruka has an awkwardness about her when she appears on shows, but we forgive that because she is Ayase Haruka. =D And let us just skip the eating part and then talk about the breast puddings that Aiba brought out. It was still okay when Sho, Nino and Ohno were sniffing on the pudding suspiciously, when Jun and Aiba each took a bite at the nipple part of the puddings, I suddenly remember what Arashi is all about. I have been neglecting this obsession of mine for a month or so now and it is refreshing to watch such an absurd but hilarious episode yet again.
Next was a short talk part where they confessed to Haruka in Hiroshima-dialect and Akita-dialect. It was tear-jerkingly-hilarious (if such an expression exists). When they were all lining up to confess to her repeatedly, I was gasping for air from all the laughing. I was practically howling like hyenas at one point. And Ogu-san joined in on the confession. LOL. That old man is running wild in recent episodes with pretty actresses as guests.
Then came Aibaland. The boys had to wear T-shirts that are stuffed with two balloons as their 'boobies' and then crush them without using their hands. Jun, Sho and Aiba were in team Aiba and then started off with a group hug in hopes of bursting the balloons but their plan failed. Aiba started to run into walls and Sho started to slam into bicycles while Jun started humping the floor. Aiba later joined Jun in the floor-humping. Was quite a sight.
Team Haruka was even more hilarious. Haruka got to burst the balloons with her hands cos lets face it, her boobs are large enough and you cannot expect her to stuff balloons into her shirt, really. Ohmiya started to approach Haruka at the blow of the whistle, presumably for a group hug. Haruka later punched the two on their boobs but failed to puncture them. Ohno later pulled Nino in for a hug but the balloons did not give in. The floor humping ensued. Nino couldn't get one of his boob to burst, Ohno started humping on Nino's chest. He humped and humped and had his ass in Nino's face. We doubt that is the first time. We bet there were precedents.
This is probably one of the best shukudai episode in a while. I am going off to my depressed world of studies assignments and presentations again. Just back here for this special episode. The AAA 2008 Kokuritsu DVD didn't manage to get me this excited. It might be the best concert of Arashi's that I've seen. Yes, I think it is. So... dramatic and uplifting and overall, just extremely entertaining. Minus MatsuJun's constant display of... I-don't-know-what. Does he think all that overacting is cool? I used to call it sluttiness, now he just looks like a nutcase trying to look sexy and failed miserably. He should tone it down, keep it down a notch. MatsuJun's overacting was the only thing I didn't like about the concert.
One more thing. Aiba. This episode. Hotness. Total hotness. Sho too. Nino looks same-old. Ohno, a bit sunburnt. Must have gone fishing a lot. Jun... not that hot. Maybe it is the hair. I guess it is for "Smile". I will watch it, just that, it seems so... boring. "The Quiz Show" on the other hand. Gawsh, like has anyone seen Yoko in there? So freaking sexy, I could just... xD Let us not go there. I like Sho's character's psychotic smile too.

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