[Buzz] Old, Drunk and Nekkid

It seems that I accidentally cropped the bottom part off. Reported by AFP, by the way. Photo by Reuters.

I was eating lunch as I flipped open today's paper. And a surprise was waiting for me on the last page of the entertainment section. There's a picture too! Not that I am unsympathetic, but I was laughing my head off - even if I had prior knowledge of the news - at the sight of such a report.

Firstly, I was surprised that the local newspaper actually reported a piece of news on a Japanese boyband. Secondly, it had to be such a disgraceful piece of news. You don't even see Amy Winehouse running around stark naked in public places. Unless you are at a nudist beach or something.

I am not like, happy over this. I'd just like to state that. More like indifferent, okay, that would be outright lying. I am slightly amused. But this is some serious shit. Not that anyone ever expected Johnny's boys to be squeaky clean. I never did. I expected orgies and drugs - in PRIVATE. I guess someone forgot to lock the door when the man was drinking.

Goodbye FNS Kayousai host position. A few months of suspension, maybe. Oh poor thing. You expect near 20 years of entertainment business experience would help you learn something. I guess sometimes, you just mess up.

Now, it is time we sit back and see how Johnny's Jimusho tries to cover the thing up. Hide the skeletons. Now this has got to have to a pretty big grave to shove it in. Lots of monay too. Oh well, gotta move on. I didn't plan on blogging, but I love dramas, controversies and bad press. I am, afterall, just human.

. Because I love drama. Especially when it doesn't threatens the existence of entertainment shows that I watch religiously. Though I do watch SMAPxSMAP quite often. OMG, that show is the shizz. What is going to happen to it?

This is equivalent to Paul McCartney running around sans clothes in London back in the 1970s.

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  1. one of the newspapers here (philippines) features this 'news' too.. xD

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