[M-Sta] NewS - Koi no ABO

24 April 2009

Holy shit! That hair. THAT HAIR! Is it a wig?
Uh, the PV was really boring I could fall asleep. The song is so-so with a slightly catchy chorus but I will not be moved to purchase it even if I can walk into a CD store and see it lying around.

The outfits were very "Saturday Night Fever" but gay. The dance moves were very "Saturday Night Fever" but they're not John Travolta, so it didn't sit very well with me. I can tell that they're trying to spice things up, doing a bit of disco, some crazy random things. Like how Koyama was trying to be funny with that ribbon.
After watching a few performances of Kanjani8's "Puzzle", I thought I was about to die when Yasu was singing. His voice is horrible. But at least the tune was somewhat on. Koyama's voice is not as horrible, but he might actually be tone deaf.
This single is... uh... to me, quite horrible. That is what happens when they put the duds in the center. What? It might sell. Miracles do happen. Like how Kame got into KAT-TUN and became the frontman. So, who knows? Disco might be coming back. I watched this week's "American Idol", guess what the theme was? Yup, disco.
Everyone else's shades were to goof things up and Shige and his newfound narcissism decided that he'd have a pair of cool shades instead. Wet blanket.

Yamapi's... thing on his head. It made him look like a prostitute passed her prime. But it brought a bit of fun and colour to his usually robotic presence. I guess that was good. Not doing very good with the looking-good part, but it was fun.
I guess fun was the theme. It did come across clear, but - I might be biased - but it really seemed like each member was just trying to be the center of attention. Maybe it is just me. I try to give people the benefit of a doubt nowadays. Massu forgot his moves. I saw. Nothing can escape my all-seeing eye. This was a fun performance all-in-all. Something we haven't seen from NewS in a while. Good for them. The crowd was reasonably pleased. I am actually entertained enough to overlook the fact that Tegoshi was trying to get on my nerves. I can't stand him at all.
One more thing. Their attempt at imitating Johnny's constant use of the word "YOU-tachi" is probably a lousy cover for them trying to suck up to the boss. I bet it is Pi's idea too. He did do that for that "Fever to Future" song too. Suck up.

Just because I feel like it, here's Tamaki Hiroshi with facial hair. There are few things I like more than men with facial hair and they are all either shiny or money. xD

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  1. Like how Kame got into KAT-TUN and became the frontman.

    I don't know if you know much about KAT-TUN to say that. Do you know how much effort he put to make his position now? And, I don't think he has nothing to be the frontman. If to be compare with Jin, he's worth than the other frontman of KAT-TUN. While Jin's enjoying life at L.A, Kame worked very hard, even KAT-TUN members said he's the most hard worker in KAT-TUN. So, he becomes the frontman is because of his effort, not by any miracle.

    And, in NEWS, no one is space filler or duds. everyone has their irreplaceable role, even Shige. If you like Ryo, don't bashing other member. They don't harm your Ryo, right? So you shouldn't bashing other people's idol.

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