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11 February 2010

It's the Lunar New Year. AND Valentine's Day. Not that I am doing anything for Valentine's Day. It is kinda like... just another day, today. But I want to look good today.

But I am busy, yet it is the only day that I am free. Contradictory, but trust me, it makes sense. I can't sleep. It's the insomnia. So I got up, put on a peel-off mask, plucked my eyebrows and the underarms (what? I pluck cos it's not thick enough to need to be shaved or waxed. Just a few strands. I like gross details.)
Was watching Project Runway and THIS. Ha ha, one of the most memorable Mannequin Five ever! The last one I remember was the Parka-on-parka. This really hot chick, whose name tells me she's Korean, has the crazy hots for Nino, or specifically, Nino's face. Announced three times that she likes his face. Hilarious, that woman.

MatsuJun was clearly not very pleased because he thought he's the hot one of the group. Well, suck it up, girls like them nerdy now. I get sick of people MatsuJuning all the time.

However, I am sure Nino felt the same level of insult when he wasn't picked by her.
=D This had me gasping for air. Fun episode.

Now I have to go and do some more grooming. What to wear so that my extended family members think that I am a delinquent who gets wasted 24/7? Clearly I am not one cos I won't be into these femmies if I am one. I just want them to stop trying to make small talks because fuck I hate small talks and people pretending to care. And I hate talking about my first working experience with menopausal women.

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  1. lol. nino's reactions was just too cute for words...
    when the girl said "kao ga suki" and "kakkoi" he's surprised and happy and shy and proud at the same moment. the brat needs to be chosen more often!

    yeah i was totally lmao'ed when i watched that clip, and my sister shouted "are you crazy?" xDD

  2. people should really know that jun is not all that popular here in japan. i mean, i haven't found even one person here who has him as an ichiban! xD well, that's good i guess as he is my ichiban.. lol. but seriously, everyone likes everyone best except jun.

    that said, this was certainly a fun hna. nino getting pawned is rare. <3

  3. I watched this clip 6 times already & still laughing like crazy! Anyone knows who that girl is? She's hilarious.
    And btw, I can relate to you because I also hate making small talks with people I barely know. Like they're interested anyway. Plus they just think I'm lazy or spoiled because I always complain about my first working experience (which is really sucks. Can't wait to quit after I got my first paycheck.)Oop, sorry for long personal life ramblings. :)

  4. what episode is this from?

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