[Drama] My Girl

Fall 2009
Episodes: 10

Starring: Aiba Masaki, Yuuka, Ishii Momoka, Murakami Shingo, Himura Yuki, Muroi Shigeru...
Kazama Masamune was mourning his lost love. His girlfriend, who's three years older, dumped him out of the blue one fine day and he never got over it. That was six years ago. Today, he works as a part-timer at a company that seems to provide assistants for photographers.
He was basically living in a daze, with neither ambition, nor aim. One day, he received news that the girlfriend died from an accident, leaving behind a five-year-old daughter. His daughter. Initially in denial, he made no initiative to get to know their daughter, Koharu, and sought out ways to escape.
When he found out that Yoko, his girlfriend, raised their child in secret so as to not burden the former highschooler, he mustered all his courage and offered to raise the child instead.
The drama follows the parent-child story of Masamune and Koharu, about how raising a child was able to cause the parent to grow stronger, more courageous and determined.

The last screencap is there because the dude has facial hair. Where is the facial hair in this drama?! Only one dude providing that is so not enough.

Bland. That was Masamune for me. And Japanese dramas are not known for their brilliant acting. It was, however, a solid performance by Aiba's standards. If you have seen the man in something else, you would understand that he improved leaps and bounds in this.

The character is just a single-layered-what-you-see-is-what-you-get. There's no realism in this, no one decides to take a child in and changes within months into a dependable adult. No one gets hungover about a girl who dumps him six years ago either. Not at this day and age.

I started out thinking that kid is cute, and I am not a kid person. So, that says something. But she gradually got annoying. I hate it when kids throw fits. Makes me want to stuff them in a trash can till they shut the hell up.

I don't get why parents have to sacrifice for their kids. I really don't. I can't imagine myself giving so much for someone else. They say that's cos I am too young to have kids and crap. But seriously? My grandma was a mom of a few at my age. But that was then and this is now. Back in China, they marry away their daughters at the age of 12. I mean, they have yet to grow breasts at 12. Okay, fine I hadn't. I can't generalize...

I also wanted to punch Hina and that one-half-of-Bananaman dude. I can't stand them. At all. There were moments that you can tell, were directed to make you feel touched and sad. The Japanese and the Koreans, they like stuff like that. They watch a movie so that they can cry. That's just not my thing. Why do you want to cry?

Maybe I am insensitive, maybe I am dead inside. But you know? I don't get it. Plus the characters are bland. Best performance goes to Muroi Shigeru (Masamune's mom), that's a seasoned veteran showing her abilities, right there.

Aiba's performance did not make me squint at all. That was a big improvement, but there's just nothing memorable about the character. I wonder if it was written like that or did Aiba drain the character out of all its colours. Just a good guy with no ambition being turned into a responsible adult, I guess that's it. Noble effort on his part.

His first drama in a long time, his first lead role, he deserves some credit for making it not suck. And it didn't suck, at all. I enjoyed it quite a lot. There's some entertainment value in it. And the kid wasn't too annoying. So it was okay.

I love the song. So yeah.

Can I talk about how hot Aiba looks here? Can I? Can I? I will anyway. Whoa. Hotness. And he's got the best ass in Arashi. I like the ass. He wasn't too good looking in the first episode but he gradually got hotter. That's good.
Reitings: 3/5

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