[Talk] The Kame-ness

So, right, I can't decide if I like him or hate him. I can't decide if he's okay, or annoying. I have to decide, or I can't sleep.

The reason this came up because because that blasted drama "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge" and that blasted haircut. And that blasted scene in Episode 7 where he was all wimpy after giving the girl the bracelet. What the hell? And then I was wondering, what annoyed me that much?

What? The thingie he does when he performs. The dramas, I am cool with. I love the dramas. I think he wasn't all that annoying in dramas. Likable even.

Tee-hee. So, I re-watched. "Nobuta wo Produce"and "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi". I'll continue with "Sapuri" and I haven't watched "1 Pound no Fukuin" and that stupid drama about him being a gourmet... Wondered how he pulled that off, convincing people that he actually eats.

I. Cannot. Decide. When I cannot decide, I get annoyed.

I think I'll have to wait till Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ends. He'd probably have me won over by then. And I really, really find Jin's whole attitude thing annoying.

Back to Kame, I swear it's that haircut.

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  1. agrees. it is the hair.

    not much of a kame fan. or kat-tun to be honest, lol. but like, at the first episode when he pretended to be a host, i was all 'wtf why was he just wearing a wig!?' when he removed it.

    and then he actually cut his hair. and i became interested. sort of. xD

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