[PV] Gackt - Jesus

I would have thought that Gackt was throwing out a Christmas number for the upcoming holiday season. I thought that Gackt is religious. Frankly, I have no clue what he was singing about and I fear to find out. From what I can hear, he was singing about the rain and he wants to be woken up, presumably by Jesus. We cannot tell and don't quite bother to find out.
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I am sorry to say, but Gackt is a bit too old to be all hardcore and stuff. I mean, Gackt is no Mick Jagger. And he... rocks funny. You know how sometimes people headbang to the music and stuff? Well, Gackt shouldn't do that. It doesn't look good. I think he is nearing forty... or is in his forties. He can't be that young. Men. They look 20 until they turn 40, then they start to look their age. And, like Anderson Cooper, older men are hotness. (Yup, we are addicted to CNN for a reason.)
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The video shows Gackt and his band - is it still called GacktJob? xDDD Yes, imagine the man's ego to name his band that. Also in the video is a suicidal man who looks Caucasian. Let me tell you my interpretation of the story behind the PV. Suicidal man wants to kill himself, but he wants to dick around for a bit more. Or he was looking for some bullets. Oh well, not much of a difference there. So, Gackt was all "Take me up, take me up." Probably singing the thoughts of the suicidal man who wants to be brought to the gates of heaven. Gackt thinks he is the angel of death.
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Gackt then was starting to get impatient, so he was all screaming gibberish into the poor man's ears. Gackt is like... devil incarnate. The man, at this point, was pointing the gun to his head for about two minutes, his arm was probably getting tired. The man finally shoots himself.
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I have to say, though I am typing all these words with a nonchalant tone, I think this video should be banned. There are too many young, reckless, suicidal teenagers out there. This video is just encouraging it. I mean... I was watching CNN (Yup, I watch CNN.) and this teenager from Florida committed suicide in front of a webcam and people were cheering him on, for 12 hours, no one thought to do anything. It is videos like this that glamourize the idea of suicide and I think it is wrong. Gackt should be ashamed of himself. And to name such a blasphemous video after Jesus. If you kill yourself, you'd so go to hell right? I am not religious. But spending a few years in a Christian all-girl's school makes you a bit more knowledgable. xD But yeah... I don't know yet... I haven't decided on my religion. xD

Gackt should stick to ballads. xD He is no rock material. *Hides from rabid fangirls, if Gackt still has any.*

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