[Talk] V6, Because I Am Moving Up The Hierarchy of Seniority

I did this with Arashi when I first thought that I have observed enough to actually see what kept the group so close. I think I am going to do this with V6 now. 13 years together, this group is something. Now you can see that this group is not close in the Arashi kind of way, I doubt they meet up outside their work. But it’s just... they're really... I-don't-know-what.

I am going to start-and-finish my description of V6 tonight before I lose the will to do it, which I do a lot. Forgive the mistakes if I am about to make any.
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Sakamoto Masayuki is the oldest and the leader of the group. Often regarded as the father of the group, this man is said to shoulder all the responsibility even when he doesn't have to. He is the driving force of V6. Not being handsome in the traditional sorta way, like what someone I know once said, "V6 is just a generally ugly group." (Which I disagree, by the way.) he has a face that reminds me of a donkey when I first laid eyes upon him. I first saw V6 when they were singing "Arigatou no Uta" and I think he overacts during performances. That was before I saw Inocchi. Will talk about that later.

It was said that he used to be rather fierce towards the members in the group's early years but then he not only soften up, he became stupid, just like the rest of the group, which is savvy because I totally love him for being so stupid. His fear of insects and heights makes him the butt of jokes. He is even bullied at times, as witnessed in their show, "Gakkou e Ikou! MAX", which makes him a rather pitiful leader. There happens to be a trend in Johnny's Jimusho. Leaders get bullied. Joushima, Sakamoto, Ohno.

I have to say that I grew from hating him into totally being unable to imagine the group without this man. He is just... old. ^^ Being 37 means that if he had sex at 16 and was fertile, he could be my father, which is not impossible. Oh yeah, and this man is said to be crap at remembering dance steps because of the old age, when he forgets the moves, he would just freeze on stage. The group worries for his health because of old age. Poor thing.

Is it me, or are his gums as black as Arashi's Nino's? I think it’s just me. Or... I should totally pay more attention to his gums the next time I see a HD video of V6. Yeah I totally should.

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Nagano Hiroshi is the member of V6 that doesn't do much for me. I mean, I know he plays an important role in the group, being the mom and all. He just doesn't do much for me. I grew to like Tonisen as I got to know more and more about V6, and Nagano is the one that I still need to just... observe for a bit more before V6 becomes my new Arashi.

I think he goes crazy when it comes to food as I witnessed in the Gakkou e Ikou! episode where V6 was celebrating their 10th anniversary. He's okay, I guess. Maybe its just his voice that i bugging me. It has this... throaty thing going on, it sounds like the voice is stuck in his throat and could not be fully projected. Maybe it’s just me.

But damn the man has cheekbones. I am not sure if they are to die for, not sure if it makes him hotter or anything, but he has them, real high ones too. This famous Gourmet of the Johnny’s seems rather bland to me. Doesn’t really do much during shows, is quite the gentlemen from what I have seen.

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Inohara Yoshihiko, a.k.a. Inocchi is the Aiba/Junno of the group. He is the one who has a different wavelength from the others, and that is just my opinion. You know, he is the type that doesn’t know when to shut up and that is exactly what makes him so adorable to the fangirls. He lightens up the mood. And there is an Inocchi in every group. The Japanese like to call them the “tenren” character. I just call them the odd one. That is not necessarily derogatory, depending on how you interpret my words.

He overacts when he laughs, he laughs at everything, and his eyes… you wonder if he is asleep all the time, or he just cannot open them wide enough. You wonder if the world he sees is any smaller than the one we see. Just two slits at the northern hemisphere of his head.

I think he’s a really nice person. Not that I have met him before or anything. But from what I heard, the man is a positive person who sees the good in the people around him. When I heard that, it just… makes me… T_T cos it is so sweet of him. He’s just a good person.

Married to Seto Asaka. He must have been thanking god for his luck. What a good catch for him. For her, it’s kind of like… a can-do-better thing. But taking into account how nice Inocchi is said to be, I can understand it. Girls, we go after the badboys but end up marrying the nice geek. It happens.

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If we go by age, we shall arrive at Morita Go now. He is a prankster. And I have laughed really hard at his pranks. Despite his thug look, he is actually a big softie inside and a really shy one at that. He was my favourite when I was laid eyes upon V6. It’s that look that he has. The self-destructive, angry, frowning, facial-hair growing look of his. I like. Turns out, he is anything but self-destructive or angry. He’s just born with that face, but he is… like… Go. It is hard to find word to describe him.

Often making weird poses and comments that can really make me laugh to the point of tears, this man is short, skinny and sings like my 7-year-old cousin, who is a girl. He laughs funny too. But usually, during talks, he is extremely quiet, even more so that Okada, who is known as the quiet one of the group. Go is just shy in the presence of strangers I guess. Because during V6’s shows, Go is anything but quiet. When he is in the mood, he’d be running around like a loose cannon.

If you are at a meeting with V6 present and you find dog poop in yours shoes, have no doubt that it is Go. I think his mental age is about… 8? Somewhere there. But hey, I wouldn’t know, it is not like I am Ueto Aya. Yup, rumoured long-time girlfriend of his is the idol/actress/gravure model Ueto Aya.

And I think they rock together. ^^ Really. I do think so. Cos if you judge the couple based on outlook, you’d think that Aya can do better, since I am most certain that Aya is taller than Go. But the thing is, I don’t think you can have a dull moment with Go. I really don’t. The man is hyperactive. Sorta reminds me of the road runner. Especially when alcohol is consumed or the atmosphere is a not-so-serious one.

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Miyake Ken. That innocent puppy look. What can I say? He sounds like a 4-year-old boy when he speaks and sings. I am not even kidding. Its so high, hyenas are intimidated. I want Ken as a pet, if they sold him in pet shops, I’d buy him. I’ll poke him with a toothpick and make him scream with that irritatingly high voice of his and wake the whole neighbourhood.

Even though Okada is the youngest, I consider Ken the baby of the group. This guy… I… he… I don’t like his alien hair recently. Not at all. I like it all short and spiky. Cos that makes him look younger. T_T So pet-ish.

I’m kinda sick, I know. But no one knows me. So I am fine. I think. He is the tallest in Kamisen. But that is not really that tall. I think I am still taller. He is quite the prankster too. Not like Go, but I remember an episode of Gakkou e Ikou where Ken, along with Okada, put dungbeetles on their leader’s towel. Sakamoto got so freaked out he’d just take off his towel with everyone watching. I fear insects too, but under such circumstances, I’d just quickly brush them off. Sakamoto’s unbelievable. I bet a part of him wanted to strip.

I wonder if the man can grow facial hair. I know he is quite the muscular man underneath that kiddie face. Once said to date the very, extremely great Amuro Namie. Any man who dated Amuro Namie should just thank god for such an opportunity and be grateful forever. Now he’s dating some other model who is not Amuro Namie. Any girl who isn’t Amuro Namie is just… not as good as Amuro Namie.

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The youngest, Okada Junichi is probably the most successful member in showbiz. He has been in numerous dramas and movies which I have watched and am surprised at his capabilities. His characters are usually rather cool and maturish recently (not taking into account that Kisarazu series where everyone is an idiot.) and that is so far from what he actually is. And what he is, is an idiot. Like every other member of V6. Which is why I totally am so going to like them a lot. Like I said it before and will say it again, I have a thing for idiots. And being and idiot is totally a positive thing here.

If his breathtaking good looks doesn’t pull girls in, I don’t know what else will. I said it sometime before, I think Okada is the best looking man in Johnny’s Jimusho that has debuted and is currently active in the business. KimuTaku? Bleh. Okada Junichi all the way, baby! I can hardly make a screencap of him looking ugly, believe me, I have tried so hard to do so.

The only member from the Kansai region, we can hardly hear him speaking in the accent these days. He must have dropped it somewhere along the way. I miss it. T_T His recent dirty sexy look in Tokonatsu Vibration turned me on more than his previous looks. T_T Fear the hair fetishist in me.

This man is sorta like socially inept. So am I. I have very little friends, probably fewer than my fingers. T_T He is a very… odd man. His hobbies are rather eccentric and I wonder if he is not THAT hot, would he have been a chick magnet. Cos, he is really uncool, he doesn’t have the stud aura. But that is why I like him. You know the men who think that they are hot and then walk around thinking all the chicks want them *cough*Akanishi*cough* well they’re not as hot as Okada.

And… I am done with V6. And yes, I posted topless pictures of them. I should be ashamed of myself because Johnny's do topless in a very non-tasteful way. It is very close to child pornography. I don't know when were these picture taken, but Okada looks like he was still going through puberty.

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