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Starring: Sakurai Sho, Fukuda Saki, Fukada Kyoko, Namase Katsuhisa, Kobayashi Kendo, Okamoto Anri, Abe Sadawo...
Once upon a time, there was this Skull Stone which was split into four pieces and legend has it that whoever who is able to unite all four pieces will have a dream of theirs miraculously come true.
The self-proclaimed god of theives, Dokurobei, sent his underlings, the Dorombo gang, after the pieces. The trio had to face off against the two Yatterma(e)n who was hell bent on protecting Shoko, the daughter of the archaeologist Kaeida, who was on a quest to find all four stones himself.
Yatterman #1, Gan-chan, the only son of a toy store owner and Yatterman #2 Ai-chan are a pair of crime-fighting sweethearts. They fight evil with the gadgets they made in their underground lair which was the birth place of Yatterwan and Omotchama.
Their arch enemy, the Dorombo gang is made up of the gorgeous femme fatale Doronjo, Boyacky who adores Doronjo and Tonzra, the glutton. The three are always up to no good as Yatterman tried to put their evil to rest.
Meanwhile, various things are disappearing mysteriously... what does this have anything to do with the much sought-after Skull Stone? Will Dokurobei's attempt to collect all four pieces of the Skull Stone? Or will Yatterman manage to stop them from it?

Dude, this is the most weird-ass movie I've watched in a while. I don't even know what to say. I'd have thought that the target audience is the kids... then there are the many not-so-suitable-for-kids scenes. Like that big-ass robot with big-ass boobies. Jeez.

I am not familiar with the anime series. So I can't comment much about the story or the characters and how well the actor played them. What I can comment on is... Gan-chan is supposed to be a teenage boy right? Fine, fine... I'll let that go.

I guess the movie is made to be comical. The whole thing is exaggerated, that includes the outfits, the reactions, the acting, the CGI. I really am not sure how much I like this movie. I am slightly entertained by it, but it is no masterpiece, of that I am sure.

Little is focused on the acting as the CG effects take center stage, the protagonists are bland and boring while the Dorombo gang are just plain retarded. Just who are the target audience of this movie? Too juvenile for adults, too sexed up for kids.

Why all the fuss over the movie? That, I am not sure. Maybe it seemed like it was a big fuss because Sho was starring in it. Maybe because it is Yatterman. Miike Takashi? Not sure. But it is most probably overrated. I was, however, rooting for Doronjo and Gan-chan. Though it was dead obvious that the Yatterma(e)n were going to stick. How boring is that?
Reitings: 2/5 (On account of the really neat CGIs.)

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  1. I agree so much with you!!! I saw this movie and I was ..ehh... shocked?! I didn't know what's the point of almost the whole thing! Robots are so explicite... and I feel bad for yatterman #2...both the actress and the plot about her role.

  2. Obviously you people had never saw Yatterman anime before (it's the only way to understand what's going on).

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