[Talk] Gackt Might Be The Devil Himself


Not only is he immortal, having lived centuries. (Don't remind me that he recently admitted his age, that's like telling kids that Santa's actually their dad in a fatsuit... or... their fat dad. Whatever. Not good.) he eats people now. That's savvy.

Ah I miss watching Gackt talk about his crotch and sex life. Dude's probably got a thingie that has the same diameter as my arm, since he's got the confidence to flash it around.


Damn I am freaked out by him. If you stare long enough, you'll get goosebumps. I sure did. Dude's a freak.

I need to know what products he uses. Cos I once aspired to be so fair, it hurts to look at me when I am under the sun. Gackt's exactly that.

He used to be my Arashi when I was... 16? 17? Thereabouts. I'd watch Moonchild three times a day. You think I am kidding, don't you? I sure did. I could recite the lines before the devil himself uttered them. Good times, good times.

Why can't I like cool people? Like... I don't know... Jay-Z or something. See, my all things Japanese started with Gackt, a wannabe vampire whom I suspect to be Satan himself, then there's Queen (OMG Freddie Mercury and his wifebeater. I wanted to dig my eyes out. Uh... bless his soul. God knows I love the band)... there's that orgy called Arashi which I have dedicated too many hours of my life to.

My friend recently got in to Johnny's Jimusho. I warned her and she got in anyway. Told her it is like falling from the top of Taipei 101, then a hole opened up and hell swallowed you up. You can't get out.

Oh yeah, this is my 'review' of Mr. Brain, which disappointed me. I wanted to punch Kamenashi in there. I seriously wanted to punch him and throw him to Gackt and have him eaten. Kame looks like an alligator. Have I said that before? Well I haven't said it enough times.

There's my 'review' some Gackt reminiscing, some ranting and dissing.

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  1. You know I tried watching Mr Brain a while back and found Gackt sufficiently creepy... well, that was until I noticed the eyeliner and the contacts and then I thought to myself, "Wait, they supply eyeliner in prison? Who does his eyes when he's all wrapped in a straitjacket?"

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