[Buzz] Saigo no Yakusoku

So they're making a drama SP together. Much buzz was generated when they announced that this is the first since V no Arashi - which, I have watched and I think it was a complete trainwreck, not watchable, full of crap. Noble effort on the boys' part considering the fact that they were fresh and all.

The five will star as five dudes (duh) in a building that was hijacked. MatsuJun will try to bang Kuroki Meisa's character (I totally made this up) because... hey, what else do you want to do when you're about to die? Kuroki Meisa is so pretty I think I am having a girl crush. And I don't get girl crushes easy cos girls are snotty and jealous.

Lets... look at the banner. I have to admit it is pretty... impressive, the banner. What I don't get is... that... what does it have to do with the storyline? And why topless? God knows I don't want to see Nino and Ohno topless. It will be a bag of bones and I would be disturbed. And Sho's shoulders... I have to laugh everytime I see them. They're so... sloping. HA HA. I know they think it is sexy and all... it's not bad, but if I want sexy... I find it elsewhere. Lets face it, these are no Gerard Butlers or Javier Bardems. (Gosh... Javier Bardem...) Maybe idol-ly and insane-y is how they should stay.

Hey, I am just saying... this is specialization I am talking about. You want coffee? Run to Starbucks, don't go to Starbucks for... uh... beef? Get it? But Sho's and Aiba's looks were kinda working. What? When you're desperately hungry, maybe they can find you some beef in Starbucks. Pies and stuff. No? They have them at my local Starbucks.

Conclusion: It is not like I can't wait for this. It is just that... I am a bit curious. But it seems serious and we know crack is what these boys deliver best.

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  1. i will prefer other members to bang Meisa, because Jun always got the love scenes, no matter how gay he is...
    it's time for the other guys to get some girls too!!
    and in the picture, nino look 15 XD
    but aiba is hot!

  2. new posters of them topless with duct tape and ropes showed up in omotesando station!

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