[PV] Arashi - My Girl

I know I am more than a month late for this. I snapped out of it for a while and I thought I'd stay that way. Who knew it'd be my... escape from all things... realistic?
Initially, I didn't like the song. I thought it was boring, but like most of their songs, they warm up to you after a while. Not too impressive, but it isn't bad. The song isn't bad at all, kinda warm and sweet. What I don't get... is the video.
I am sorry, but isn't it a bit cheesy? They're brothers and their mother just passed on and they were either planning on revamping their house or moving. Then they took turns staring meaningfully at a composite picture of their faces (if this were their mom, she... looked like Ohno... and she wasn't really attractive) and then they found a letter. They read the letter and then decided to keep things the way they were... or something like that.
Kinda... lame but not that it was totally boring. They look good in the video too. Most of them. The clothes were fine. You know what wasn't fine? MatsuJun's hair. What the hell? I was watching some show (forgot what) and he was saying he was so happy he cut his hair and stuff. Seriously? That hair? It looks like... okay, lemme take another look before I think of something to compare it with.
I'll just continue yakking first. The theme was purple-maroon-greyish (for the part where they were standing and singing facing the camera). I like the whole colour palette they were choosing from. What I love most, Ohno's pants! I want them, for myself, but tighter on the ass and crotch area... basically, I like the skinny cut. Nice pants. Jun's shoes, I didn't care for, Aiba's pants... where it was rolled up... it would have been hideous on anyone else, but it seemed fine if it were Aiba. Hey, I watched Mannequin Five okay. The man looks good in almost anything.
Their home clothes in the PV was fine. Just fine, since it was a home setting. You should see me at home... xDDD Hey, I live on the damn equator, it is really freaking hot here. If there's a nudist club around here, I'd join it.

HA HA, their dad's name is Taro, their mom's Hanako, and then their kids Ichiro, Jiro, Saburo, Shiro and Goro. HA HA. That's like if your name is Jack and your wife Jill and your kids Jack II, Jack III and so on. HA HA.
Fine, I am cool. I still can't think of what MatsuJun's hair remind me of ( was thinking somewhere along the lines of Wada Akiko back in the 60s). So I'll stop thinking. Oh and I so didn't mean to capture crappy screenshots of Sho's face... its just that, the man has A LOT OF hilarious facial expressions and I am too lazy to go back and recapture them. So I'll just leave them be. xDDD

PV Reminds me a bit of "Happiness" except more mellow, less gay - thank god, cos in this context, it'll be incest.

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  1. yes to sho's facial expression...
    and jun's hair!
    i keep asking everyone is it just me or his hair is getting weirder and weirder? lol
    but he has changed it now- it become more Gackt-ish (just watch Gackt from Vs Arashi Episode when Ohno got a ring from him)

  2. Hate Jun's hair too, but I believe it's for the period drama Wagaya no Rekishi (1945-1964).

    About their mom...when I first saw her I thought. "She looks like Ohno in drag." After watching the BTS of the vid, they explained that it isn't even a real person! They photochopped the guys' faces and the "mom" got Ohno's eyes so she looked the most like him.

  3. OMG!!! you're back!! :D
    I miss your snarky comments!

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