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15 December 2009

Oh crap, this video brought back a ton of memories and a sudden realization that I had a Jrock phase. Before I fell into the clutches of Johnny's, I liked something else Japanese. It was so long ago that I honestly reminisce it as something from another lifetime.
Then I watched this video, the AMAZING performance of "However" and "Winter, again" two of my favourite Glay songs EVER EVER EVER. Then it hit me... L'Arc~en~Ciel, Dir en grey, Gackt, X Japan, I used to like that kinda stuff.
Oh my gosh, something tells me I am going to lose sleep tonight as I dig through my stash of videos to find the Jrock stuff I abandoned years ago. Whoa, omfg I am so psyched right now, you have no idea.
I mercilessly deleted a whole lot, that, I am pretty sure. Sigh, look! Takuro grew facial hair, crap, now I have to like him too? (Hair fetishist on the loose!) Teru really didn't age well. Poor thing. OMG Jiro and Hisashi look exactly the same as I remembered them to be. Then again, I can't see enough of Hisashi's face to comment. Doesn't matter.
When the opening of "However" was played, I was like "Ah... I used to like this song." and then they played "Winter, again", Teru's vocals, with minimal background music, it was soft and then the music kicked in - this hit something in me. And then I just had to dig out my stash of stuff.
The songs, ah, the songs... "Beautiful Dreamer" too. But their 2009 single "I am XXX" is actually good! I am happy. Now excuse me as I go reminisce my teenage years with the Jrock soundtrack which I am about to compile.

You'll be surprised with some of my phases. =D

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  1. you ebil you T_T you're making me want to check it out too T_T but quota omg quota T_T

    ya know, i never liked teru - hell i still don't. hisashi wtf hasn't changed - a tiny bit. what was he in? like that tube thing mj used to 'sleep' in?

  2. Check it out, it is GOOD.

    Teru has a cursed name that's why right? And it is called a hyperbaric chamber or something like that.

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