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*1 *,656,331 ***,*** Believe/曇りのち、快晴 / 嵐、矢野健太 starring Satoshi Ohno 09/03/04
*2 *,620,237 ***,*** 明日の記憶/Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~ / 嵐 09/05/27
*3 *,495,331 *21,344 マイガール / 嵐 09/11/11
*4 *,487,175 ***,711 愛のままで… / 秋元順子 08/01/23 累計648,571
*5 *,422,194 ***,479 Everything / 嵐 09/07/01
*6 *,377,097 ***,*** RESCUE / KAT-TUN 09/03/11
*7 *,376,653 ***,755 イチブトゼンブ/DIVE / B'z 09/08/05
*8 *,359,556 ***,*** ひまわり / 遊助 09/03/11
*9 *,331,248 ***,*** ONE DROP / KAT-TUN 09/02/11
10 *,296,135 **3,285 急☆上☆Show!! / 関ジャニ∞ 09/11/04


I am in awe. Seriously? Top three AND number 5? There's a couple of weeks more to go, so I guess we'll just chill and see.

Frankly, I am not sure if anyone should have such an honour. If the last time someone dominated the top two spots of the Oricon yearly singles ranking was in 1989 (or was it 1988 again?) then when was the last time someone grabbed all three?

Nevertheless, it is kind of amazing, isn't it? I remember scratching my head wondering why Arashi wasn't as popular as... uh... KAT-TUN. Now their popularity seems to have exponentially increased since the year 2008, all very suddenly and I was there to witness it. I am still not sure what was the cause of it. I am pleased though. How can I not be pleased?

Things have changed in the scene since I was updated with news about it. There's a new kid who's receiving much attention. Nakayama something. I hate kids. Jin and Pi got to release solo(-ish) singles. Apparently Jin's is for some movie where he's a wannabe rocker. Oh I care. I've heard Pi's and wasn't impressed.

I saw Ohno's "Kumori Nochi Kaisei" PV on MTV once. I was so excited. I never thought I'd see a Johnny's video on MTV, you know what I mean? Even those Japanese videos time slots, usually they'd have... Ayu, Tohoshinki, Asian Kung-Fu Generation... then there's Arashi.

Did you hear that Arashi's going to appear in Kouhaku? What was that all about? O_o why all of a sudden like this? Strange. Oh well, means one more thing to catch. Good thing is I have NHK at home. =D

Arashi had 4 singles this year. In July, at the rate that they were releasing single, I thought they'd do it on a bi-monthly basis. But thank goodness they didn't. "My Girl" was nothing special. I've heard it all before, it is just... very Arashi, skewed towards the mellow side. I am having trouble picking my favourite Arashi single of the year. The two double A-sides released earlier this year are definitely good. I am going off to play it as of this moment. I'll have a decision by the end of this entry. =D

What brought me back? I am not like back-back. I thought I'll pop back for an update or something. Actually, I've began to watch them again since... a month or so ago. I read a comment here that they've had a million seller, I was curious, but then I found out that their million seller is an album. =X I'd be really psyched if it was a single.

It took me a month to blog here again because you need time to catch up with half a year of absence. I think I've got all the information that I need. Nothing much has been happening for the other groups. Not as far as I've seen.

I am not quite sure about V6 and TOKIO, but what the hell happened to Takki and Tsubasa? Oh wait, Takki had a solo single or... rather a couple of those. What happened to Tsubasa? Seriously, the man has like, disappeared. Poof and he's gone. I saw Takki in "Orthros no Inu" though I haven't finished watching it. Meh, I don't have time.

KinKi Kids threw out "Swan Song" after "Yakusoku". I have the video stashed somewhere, haven't got to watch it yet. But I am very well updated with them through their show. I mean, you gotta be there to witness the moment Koichi can be declared senile, right? Gosh, they're hilarious.

There's Kanjani8's "Kyu Jou Show". This is it about Kanjani8, if you look at the A-sides of the singles alone, it is hard to like them. I mean, "Kyu Ju Show" was not impressive, turn to the B-side and you've got some better songs. My favourite out of Kanjani8 in 2009 should be "Puzzle", a Saito Kazuyoshi work. It is oh-so-very amazing I am still listening to it VERY often. Love that song. "Hitotsu no Uta" isn't bad as well. Neither is "Fuka-fuka Love the Earth". I heard Can!Jani ended. It replaced with something else. Hmm... haven't got to watch it yet. There's the drama with two of the members, forgot whom. There's the "Puzzle Tour" DVD, which I ADORE. There's Ryo's "Orthros no Inu" drama. What else there is? Hmm... I think Ryo has an SP drama also, I think it is stashed somewhere in my room, forgotten. Oh well.

NEWS has had nothing since April except a DVD which I think I've browsed through for a bit. Saw the ugliest wannabe girl of a pretty boy. I always thought Tegoshi looked like a girl, I take it back. He'd be a real fat one if he is one. The last one was "Koi no ABO" which had a fun streak to it, but was bland a la NEWS. I think they've got a TV show with the three duds and the femmie. Not sure if Pi and Ryo appears on that show. Not watching.

KAT-TUN's had nothing since March. O_o What happened? "Rescue" did respectably in the charts and earned a place on my playlist, a recurring place too. Then Jin had to do that Bandage thing right? I don't know. Let me see... I don't quite care. But it'd be nice if they did something like "Rescue" again.

Oh shit I almost forgot, they're going to make a drama out of "Yamato Nadeshiko no Shichihenge". God I loved that manga, and they're making Kame -out of all the people- lead. They're putting Tegoshi and Uchi in. I'll think about watching it, but I am not pleased. Not at all.

[BTW, got an answer after listening to the four songs from the Double A-sides of Arashi. I like "Believe/Kumori Nochi Kaisei" better. There's more of an impact there. While I love "Ashita no Kioku" and it came at the right time for me... released near my graduation and all, "Crazy Moon~ Kimi wa Muteki~ brought it down a notch for me, being not bad, but a bit bland and it doesn't leave much of an impression for me. On the other hand, Ohno's solo, "Kumori Nochi Kaisei" had a very refreshing, entertaining, happy beat to it which is good. But I have to say, this single (Ashita/Crazy) comes REALLY close to my favourite Arashi single of the year. VERY CLOSE.]

And... I am done. End of the year events! MSSL, Kouhaku, FNS Kayousai, Best Artists, Johnny's Countdown. I hope they have something more... while for this year's Countdown cos last year's was a big fat mess. Gather everyone for fuck's sake. Like, it is only once a year and you can't pull your people together?

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  1. do you know that they also top the dvds and albums chart? this is really a year of arashi in japan

  2. Glad you're back, even temporarily! (Glad you actually read my comment about the million )

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