[Talk] Tasteless and the Partial Hiatus

The calendar pictures are... hideous.

This will offend. Greatly offend. Vulgar words and all.

[Note: I am pretty sure the image I uploaded was okay... but hey, just to be safe... xD I took it down.]

Very straightforward comments. Highlight to read. Hidden because even I think it is a bit too much. But hey, if I didn't think that these boys can do better than the pictures above, I wouldn't have been so unhappy about it would I?

They made them look like crackwhores, sluts and you can tell that they're trying to make it sexy. The colour matching is beyond horrific. If you want to make it sexy, at least make it tasteful. Geez.

It is so horrible, the moment I saw it, my eyes burned and I had to run around screaming "My eyes, my eyes... eff you calendar!"

The whole thing makes them look like cheap, STD-infected prostitutes of sorts. BUT they're not. Yeah, they're actually healthy, happy, bouncy people.

Aiba looks like a whore who was addicted to opium back in the times of the Opium war. That revealed nipple does not help with the class thing at all.

Ohno. Frankly, I am not sure what is he trying to be. Perhaps a nymphomanic tree hugger.

Sho. Very straight to the point. A stripper at a tasteless strip bar. Even had notes stuffed into his pants. Who made those pants? They're fugly.

Jun. His attempt at the come-hither look is not entirely a failure. But... peacocks?

Nino. Suicidal depressed, emo ex-mistress?

Frankly, the cover is as hideous, Sho's outfit was so horrible, I swear my eyes could start bleeding. The one with the bathing in petals thing... what is this? Soft porn? I want good, clean rainbow, happy Arashi. Whoring out Arashi is not my cup of tea. Perhaps it is someone else's. If I want porn, I can go get them. But I don't, that's why I watch them. Now that they're going pornographic... I don't know what I'll watch anymore.

Last year's calendar was nice though...

Yours truly has had her first day of classes. And she is unhappy and has a headache.

And... there's a partial hiatus for my blogging here. ;_; Now if only the break is like... 6 months instead of 3... it is going to be a rather tough semester. ^^ Lucks to me. xD

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