[PV] Tohoshinki - Kiss The Baby Sky


Yeah, I am excited about the Tohoshinki PV not because of the song. The song is mediocre. The PV quality is so-so.

Look who I spotted?! OMFG.
Nishio and Hatori! From Zoom In! I know they're not like big stars or anything. But I was VERY close to closing it because the song is nothing special and the PV... is a total snoozefest. Until I saw Nishio. I was like... hey, that chick looks familiar. And then Hatori's face came up and shocked me to death.

And then I was like wtf are they pretending to paint together? Are they pretending to be in love? OMFG This is so disturbing. xD Okay, not so. Quite disturbing.

Not that it matters. But wouldn't Hatori prefer to appear in an Arashi PV?

Gasp... betrayer. And he claimed to be an Arashi fan. Tsk, tsk, tsk. xD


Yeah, I am a bit high today. xD High tension, as the Japanese would put it. Why am I fussing over this crap?

I have an early class tomorrow... err later today. Off I go.

The song is certainly nothing to fuss over. Especially after such a good single, I guess they thought they needn't try too hard. It is so boring, I didn't even bother to screencap them. Yes, Nishio and Hatori are bigger news. xD I love these two. Don't ask why. I don't even know why. It is like how I like Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill. But I prefer Soledad O'Brien over Erica Hill. Never mind me, I am rambling.

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