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[Supposed to be doing my homework. But... yeah... the PV is out okay? In my book, this is as important as Christmas. Or something.]

While I shall keep on looking for a satisfactory "Kumori Nochi, Kaisei" PV and the animated version of "Believe" (I know it is only limited to phones and stuff... but seriously, someone should have some way of getting it up... Arashi should know that not every fan is in Japan. Not every fan can purchase it...) this will be up first.
Its... reminiscent of "Truth" yet it is not as dramatic. A bit dull but not as dark. Okay, I don't know what I am trying to say. Feelings are hard to convey. First thing I noticed was... what's with that tree? I like the set. Especially the two walls with flowing water. I just don't get the tree, it seems a bit off for me. I'd replace the tree with something that looks more elegant. Placing the tree there is like... wearing a black-and-red polka-dot dress, and then you decided that you need a turquoise scarf. The tree is that scarf. It is uncalled for and very unflattering. And it is indoors too, what is a tree of that size doing indoors? Perhaps they should have gone along with the water thing and build a water fall. Or better, have water flowing from behind and then Arashi can like, dance with their feet in water. Damn they should so hire me.
Outfits... Ohno's black and white patterned shirt, I can forgive, that metallic silver vest, I cannot. I have a thing for men in checks and plaits... and cardigan. ^^ So, that means I like Nino's (although that polka dots tie makes the entire outfit a bit busy...) and Aiba's outfit. Jun's is a bit too flashy. I don't get that long vest thing and his jacket is too shiny. I know they gave Sho a different colour so that he jumps out from the rest but Jun's shiny jacket is far more attention-grabbing. The stylists should just leave the bow tie to Ohno, really. I have never seen a man more suited to bow ties. Sans the flashy shiny jacket, Jun looks like a waiter.
I really have to repeat that I don't get the grass and the tree. It's plain freaky. Wait... does it have anything to do with the lyrics? Lemme see...
Yada yada yada... shining dawn sky... yada yada yada... discovering light... yada yada yada... shouting, waiting. Nope, no trees. Although there is something about a brand new world. But that is a bit far-fetched. I hereby declare that tree annoying. (xDDD Yes, trees bug me now...)
The set with the tree is a bit... too distracting. You have the light from above, and the tree from behind. It makes the scenes a bit too busy. You cannot even see Arashi properly. Ah hah! This calls for a HDTV version! 1280xsomething. xD
For the first time, I don't like Sho's rap part. I usually like his rap. It's not as aggressive and annoying as Koki's. It is not quite as loud and shouted as Yoochun's is. It's just... very... refreshing. It just doesn't flow right this time. It's just me though... xDD
Also, Sho should really think of some new gestures with his hands. xD They're so repetitive. xD I guess it makes it fun every time I try to spot his signature hand actions. xD

Gasp, they ended the PV with a tree. That is one ugly tree.
I like the song. It bears more similarity to "Truth" that the usual happy, cheerful, rainbowish Arashi songs. But it has a rap part, unlike "Truth". Perhaps it was... "Hey, its the theme song for Yatterman, it has to have a Sho rapping part..." and so... the rap. As I said, I thought it didn't flow right. It's not entirely bad, but it is not like... "Step and Go" rap. Damn I liked Sho's rapping in that. That flowed well. Frankly, I am not sure of the definition of the word 'well' here, it is just a feeling. That's all.

You know that part where they put their right hand up and then jumped in the PV? I like that, a lot. Oh... Friday, come by faster so that I can watch the performance. I hope they don't make mistakes and show Tohoshinki that Johnny's are not just about the group humping reputation.

The fact is, I always have something to say no matter how good the PV is. xD
I got screencaps of the other four members making faces like they're constipated or something, but Jun's face stayed the same, all cool and poker-faced. xD

P.S. Have you heard? They're making a freaking movie out of Gokusen 3. I know it got high ratings, but seriously, are we not sick of the whole good-teacher-tames-bad-kids story yet? I know I am.

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