[TV] Himitsu no Arashi-chan

26 February 2009

Guest: Shibata Rie

This episode might be one of the funniest since the show took on the current format. This is a must watch.

It seems that the staff on many of Arashi's TV shows are not pushovers. They practically stalked down Arashi members to do their shows. Even if they're doing something else. Remember both of the 24Hr TVs? Remember Australia?

This is a fun episode about singing people or... people who sing. They showed a lot of sopranos and such. Of course, there are also the weirdoes from shows like... American Idol and the likes. My favourite would be the dude with the strange dance singing that "Dragostea din tei"song. xD That's... xD I could've died suffocating when I was watching that. xD See when you laugh, sometimes, you can hardly breathe...

Of course William Hung is a must-mention. Even if he's like, ancient history. Then there's the crazy Australian-Indian boy named Rama. The first time, he was okay. Rather fun, reminds me of a friend too. I like it when he does Perfume. But this time around, he is getting annoying... I don't know, it might be just me.

Then Arashi had a great idea, that is to do this thing called Beatbox TV or something. They made short clips of them doing various sounds with their mouth and stuff and then join them together, have a few of the clips repeated a couple of times. It was funny the first 3 times I watched it. Verging on hilarious. But... I guess I watched it one too many times today~ My bad.

The staff actually went to Nino's drama scene to make him do that crap, went to Ohno's as well. Then they met Aiba near the place where his stageplay was on. Aiba was the only one who was all excited. With the right words, you can make the man hand over his wallet willingly. That genius also decided that a sneeze was appropriate to be included into the video. xD

My hopes for Shibata Rie to continue her crotch-grabbing performance were to... realized. T_T *Plays her appearance on Shukudai.* Boo HNAC. Boo.


P.S. Is anyone not all excited about "Door to Door"? I mean, like, I've seen Nino in a similar role before. Of course there will be some differences, but yeah... I like that Kato Rosa's in it though. I like Kato Rosa. The fact that there were rumours about Jin and her just makes me go... SHE can do better.

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