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6 March 2009

Tohoshinki got to speak. They got to come out like everyone else. I was hoping for a day like this when they were totally belittled as Koda Kumi's "plus one guest". They didn't get to make a grand entrance, didn't get to camwhore themselves at the seating area. It was a bit WTF for me. I was listening to their songs day and night back then. They were and are my only Korean obsession to date.

If I remain a fan, this would have brought tears to my eyes (to dramatize things a bit.) It has been a long journey and they finally got there. And I, being me, have a thing or two to say. But fans of Korean artists scare me shitless. No, really. I am not kidding. They really do. Yes, I have heard of Korean people killing themselves because they pissed fans off. And I am death-fearing. Very death-fearing. In fact, the idea of death alone scares me shitless. (NOT ALL fans, just SOME. Just to make it clear...)
So, I am keeping it subtle. That doesn't mean I think of them any better than the others. All the good things I say are what I think. All the bad things I say... well, I'll try to filter it a bit. Because their fans scare me shitless.

They're not as WOW to me anymore. Maybe it is the hair. Maybe they're trying the mod thing. Doesn't work. I remember that they used to dance really great. Like they were all very in sync with each other. Not anymore. Is it just me, or does JaeJoong gasp really loud when he sings. Okay, like I have always noticed that, just that... it is starting to bother me. If I have to pick the best singers... JunSu and ChangMin. Defintely. YooChun's hair makes him look like a middle-aged woman. You know, the wife of some rich dude. xD
On to the good things. Their clothes, always nice, always cool, always chic. (Except YooChun's skirt-like thing) But it can get a bit monotonous. If it is not suit, it is army-type clothes with lots of arm bands. When they're trying to look summery, they'll wear white. White, grey, black. BORING. Dance moves, always nice, but at times mixed with a bit awkward-ness. Like that ending pose they have where YunHo is way off as compared to the other members. xD Try and spot it.

The song. Like... FUCKING GOOD. xD I love the song. So very much. I think the song is suitable if you want to move a bit in your shower. xD xD Okay, maybe it is just me...

But do they not look like they were bored sitting there? If it were some other group, I would be a bit harsh and say that perhaps they should show some respect for the other speaking artists but... yeah... their fans scare me. So, I would say that... yeah, I understand. Perhaps they're tired? xD
They would be up against KAT-TUN. And normally, I'll say that Tohoshinki should win but KAT-TUN WILL win. Now... I watched KAT-TUN's PV, I heard their song. There is quite a good match up ahead. No, seriously... even with all the crap dancing that KAT-TUN will probably deliver on stage. (They did it well on the PV because they could re-take it...) And then they're KAT-TUN. It is supposed to mean something, even when they have awful hair and Jin's annoying arrogance. I wish it could have been different, but... life's not always fair.

"ebry time ebry day, ima Tare ka ga surbaiberrr"

And... Arashi had to go next. Upbeat songs. There's dancing. But not similar, both the songs and the groups. xD Arashi is totally straying towards comedy. xD Of all the things they can talk about... they were talking about rectal exams. Good going, Arashi. xD
Sho gave us a demonstration of his experience during the rectal exams. He laid on his side without taking his pants off. Then the nurse took his pants off for him. He was probably aiming for that. Sneaky dude. Lucky nurse. xD Yes and as one can imagine, it was all about the asshole from then one. They were talking about their asshole inspection and... Ohno was the only one who did not get an anal probe. xD
Arashi always gets laughs when they speak like that. Maybe they really can do well as comedians. You know, like Down Town. xD xD So Ohno said that he was filming his drama, that was why he couldn't go. But he said that he would probably be the type that gets his pants removed for him instead of him taking the initiative to remove the pants. xD Tamori then asked if Ohno has a thing for being stripped off by others. xD Tamori is a freakin' genius and a psychic. You wonder what he must think of Ohno. Probably thinks he's flaming gay... remember during "Happiness" when they were talking about the famous OhMiya ass-grab?
Nino cut in and said that perhaps they should quit talking about the asshole and start talking about their song... and then time was up and they had to go stand by. xD
Their clothes are okay. I guess Japanese boybands accessorize a bit more. I really don't like that shirt Ohno was wearing. The performance... I remember the first time I watched the clip yesterday... I was very excited. I lost count of the number of times I watched it. xD
Right before GLAY performed, Nino had to show his playing cards. And that came right after a sneak peak of the coming SP episode of M-Sta where they showed Arashi's younger days when they were clad in embarrassingly horrible clothes. Clothes that are so flashy in a bad way that I tear up because they're so fugly.

Shibasaki Kou

... She's doing Tsumabuki Satoshi. We are envious. But what a pretty girl and very polite-looking and humble too. Nice song, btw.


Is she debuting in the U.S.? Seriously? Even Utada Hikaru didn't sell well there, what makes her think that she can? Pretty girl though. Nice singing voice too. But her body(sans legs and head) is longer than her legs. That's not very proportionate.


Uh... I think I skipped this part as a whole. Whee.

Ah... they performed a great song. A bit more like a rock ballad with Takuro on piano. Gosh this is nostalgic. xD Teru has really aged. And he didn't age well. Sad to say. Jiro used to have a boyish charm about it... not anymore. Hisashi is... well I can't see his face well enough to tell the difference.

It is a nice song. Maybe I should try it a few more times.


Teenage girls. Lots of them. Take them away, they scare me.
xD They had to put Nino next to YunHo. The top of Nino's head barely reached his chin. xD And yes, they look very wimpy next to the Korean boys. Do I care? No. xD Cos I like them like that. Short, a bit stupid and very funny.

Although it appears like I have totally ignored Tohoshinki's activities, I haven't. I watched that SMAPxSMAP episode in which they appeared. I don't get their humour. It always seem forced. Like they are trying too hard to be funny. And trying too hard to be funny is just pretty not funny. The only one that seems genuinely funny is JunSu. He has that 'tenren' thing going on. xD He's like the Aiba/Junno/K. Tsuyoshi/Inocchi/DoKo of the group. xD You need one in every group.

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