[SP] Shukumei


Starring: Fujiki Naohito, Kashiwabara Takashi, Honjo Manami, Mizukawa Asami...

The story begins with a doctor/university lecturer (probably teaching medical students) named Uryu Akihiko's proposal to his girlfriend, Misako. On their wedding day, Akihiko's rich businessman father died. The distribution of Akihiko's late father's inheritance largely went to Akihiko.
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Soon after, a business partner of Akihiko's late father was found dead after an arrow from a crossbow was shot directly through his heart. On that same day, Akihiko was seen by a family servant carrying a crossbow (a family heirloom) out from the house in a hurry. Akihiko became a murder suspect.
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Investigating the case is a rebel detective named Wakura Yusaku. A childhood rival of Akihiko's. It turns out that Yusaku was not just an old acquaintance of Akihiko's but also an ex-boyfriend of Akihiko's wife, Misako.
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We watch as the events unfold and the fates of these individuals get interconnected. *DUM DUM DUM DUM~~*


Oh... mature sexiness is reverberating throughout this SP. Kashiwabara Takashi and Fujiki Naohito. Can you ask for more? Seriously, can you? (If they'd add Joseph Fiennes in there... it would have been almost perfect.)

Bad-ass cop with stubbles and the smiley gentleman who looks like he can do no harm to an amoeba. Kashiwabara Takashi and Fujiki Naohito are hot in very different ways. Kashiwabara can be your dirty adulterate lover while Fujiki is the man you'll marry. xD Its strange that I put it that way, but it conversed my message clearly doesn't it?

Progression is rather slow, shady and I am annoyed at the gloomy atmosphere.

But the storyline is rather interesting and pulls you in.

Makes you eager to see the ending.

Hot men going under the rain intentionally, walking away under the rain in style. Oh~ this is why older men are way hotter.

Fujiki should just stick to acting though. Singing is not his thang. And I have to say, I watched a lot of Fujiki's works, but Kashiwabara has this badboyish charm that makes him a bit hotter. Just a bit.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. "Oh~ this is why older men are way hotter"

    And to think Kym said i'd end up with an older man XDD

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