[Talk] Nino... What...? Ryo?

I... Nino... he... Ryo's...

What the feck?


I cannot wait for the their drama now. CANNOT WAIT.

Its his damn shoulder that Nino kissed. SHOULDER.

Nino is a pervy molester.

And for Sho to say that shoulder-kissing/molesting is common in Arashi.

Well... yeah, I am not surprised. But, you see... they don't have to broadcast to the world that their a great big orgy group now do they?

^^ There's the two idiot again.


I have a problem deciding who is gayer, Jun or Nino. And everytime Nino does something like this, I like him a little bit more.

About Ryo. I understand why he is so mean to Shige, but I don't know why he is so mean to Shige. Am I making sense here? I understand because I am that mean (or meaner) to certain people before, but I don't know why he is that mean because I don't know why I am this mean as well. xD Its the nature of a person, I guess.

I don't like Ryo as much anymore because, from what I see, he is... actually a posing, egoistical ass. But I still like him. xD It don't know... its... During the tour documentary, I bet he said all those stuff just cos there's a camera. And I don't doubt a lot of the performers are like that. But at least he should make an effort to try and hide it, instead of just carrying it on like he doesn't give a shit.

He has been hanging out with Jin and Pi too much. (Right, just like me, stating the obvious.) But perhaps he should show Shige a bit of a respect in front of so many viewers. Just a bit of a respect. At first I thought it was just for fun, bullying Shige and laughing along with everyone. I thought that he didn't really just want to make Shige suffer. But yeah, I kinda realize that Ryo is the devil and he really is trying to make Shige suffer.

I was watching Never Ending Wonderful Story when Ryo told the fans that "I love you guys more than Kato Shigeaki." and now I am watching Pacific and he ignored Shige's offer for a handshake on purpose for so many times. You kinda feel bad for Shige yet find it a bit funny that Shige just keep taking it in.

Yes, bullying is happening within that group. That much is obvious.

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  1. was the nino ryo pic from the new NEWS DVD?? I didn't think ryo would allow someone to kiss him like that? haha.

    And exactly what you said, ryo shouldn't be hanging out with jin. This is a pointless comment, but it was always a minus point for me, I try to ignore that fact. now I need to watch that dvd XD

  2. Yeah, its from the Pacific DVD. And Ryo wouldn't have allowed someone to do that... but he didn't quite notice and when he did, he ran away.

  3. "Yes, bullying is happening within that group. That much is obvious."

    LOLS! XD I think so too... As a sempai, I think Ryo should go easier to his fellow members but then the others seem to follow his every whim. ^^:

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