[Talk] Crap That Should Not Be Here

The things I find most endearing about certain people from Johnny's Jimusho.
  1. Arashi's bond
  2. V6's bond
  3. Ryo, Pi and Jin
  4. Chinen's adoration for Ohno
And I have this especially soft spot for Ryo and Pi when they are combined. Separately, I don't think they would appeal much to me.

Cos Pi's face is usually... that expressionless and he is usually THAT boring and Ryo is usually that much of a meanie asshole.

But when they are together. Its like, expressions found their way back to Pi's face and Ryo's 3rd grade bully behavior suddenly becomes endearing when Pi, who usually has too much pride to take anyone's shit, is willing to take Ryo's shit. You know? Its like, Ryo would be the only one who is able to just walk around and act like a rebel and Pi would just let him. Ryo would just ask Pi to shut up and Pi would do it. Pi would prepare a special dish for Ryo (during the Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD Bonus scenes) and Ryo can be an ungrateful bastard and complain that its already cold even if Pi prepared it JUST FOR HIM and others had to share the other remaining dishes. Its that sort of thing that makes them so endearing to watch when they are together.

And their handshake. I used to have a handshake with my group of friends back in high school. Ryo and Pi would do it before they go on stage. (And Pi and Jin and Ryo and Jin too.)

And I know the three of them would them march around and think that they're hotshots. Its like you know back in school, the jocks will always be feared and looked up upon? They're the jocks. They're the men about town. That is exactly what I don't like about them. But the bond between them is very endearing.

If you read back in my entries, you will find that I really dislike Jin in KAT-TUN. And yes, I am not retracting it. I really dislike him in KAT-TUN and his expressionless face. But if you happen to come across any footages of Jin with Pi or Ryo, you'll know what I am talking about.

It is like, they don't do anything for me as individuals, but when they come together, I get hyper and excited like a fangirl does. Weird.

We have Ryo, Pi and Jin in their little circle that excludes others. Sure, they're really cocky people. But I just have a soft spot for friendships like that.

Why do you think Arashi and V6 are my top two boybands again?

V6 is mostly made up of recluses who don't quite know a lot of other Johnny's. Only perhaps TOKIO. And that is only for Tonisen. Who Kamisen are friends with, I have no idea.

In Arashi, we know that Nino and Jun are very popular people who are friends with lots of people including Johnny's people. Aiba does so too, Sho, probably. But Ohno... well I think he is opening up, which is good for him.

I have a backpain.

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  1. you should elaborate more on the first 2 points *pokes* haha. but no matter, you had other posts about them. enjoyed reading what you had to say about ryopi. I never really believed in everlasting friendships until I saw them, and some others in the Jimusho.

    I'll make a point to comment whenever you mention V6 cos I'm that bias ^_^

  2. xD I think I talked too much about Arashi already... LOL, cos I am that biased too.

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