[Talk] Only Jun Left

I just found out that all other Arashi members have their own exposed photos and scandals. Except Jun. Though I did see Sho's alleged sex photos, I can't see squat in that picture. Aiba's and Nino's I've seen all over the place. And they're old news. Ohno's is too exaggerated and very recent. So I shall touch not into it.

Sho's... I placed my face about 2 inches from the screen and squinted my eyes to see if I really get to see some banging going on. Fat chance. I can't make out what was in that blurry photo.

Now Jun must be under some serious pressure to have a sex/dating photo being exposed. Next year maybe. I mean... seriously... I haven't seen anything from Jun except rumours without any photos. Its all talk. Talk is cheap.

Now all my boys have proven to be straight except Jun. But he's like... THAT. So I am really not expecting to see anything out of him. xD

Arashi is trying to break a record. The record called "A girl (Some girls) I banged ratted on me". Now one more member and Arashi's a winner in Johnny's cos all of their members had that except Jun. Now, even if Jun were not straight enough to bang a girl, the other members would sure force him to. xD A full group of scandals. We like.

Obviously I am joking. You know right? *Evil grin* I love Arashi. xD

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