[BLOG] Comatose

Not me, but this blog.

I am in my third and very challenging year. I shall get my bachelor's degree next August if I try my best and pass everything.

But... I sorta want to find a part time job, preferably a teaching one. Preferably as a tutor. Don't quite know of my own capabilities, but kids should be fine.

It hasn't been a year, but I had great fun here. T_T

I went from NewS to Kanjani8 to Arashi and I was so close to plunging into the V6 trap. But I realize that I have to prioritize things.

I had a fun time fangirling over the Johnny's boys and I think that Johnny Kitagawa is almost as great as Warren Buffet or... say... um... Thomas Edison?

I might be back in December. Fangirling shall go on, but more implicitly as compared to my expressed fangirling which was all I did here.

It shall be a busy semester.

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