[Heyx3] Kanjani8 - Wahhahha (SP)

31 March 2008

Uh-huh, it was a 3 hour SP. Too bad no one put the whole thang up. I know I am extremely late in doing this. Sigh, today is the first day of my 'break' cos I have Fridays free. No classes. But the mid-term break for me would be about... 2 days in length because of a trip that I will be going in the name of education. *cough* What? It is in the name of education!

I love Heyx3. Macchan and Hamachan or Downtown cracks me up a lot. I was once crawling on the floor, hitting it with my palm because it was so funny I can't contain myself. xD It was freezing that night. Macchan even joked that X Japan was going to the show. xD (Offtopic: Do you know there is X Japan curry? No, not kidding.)

Kanjani8 were first to perform. I think Ryo left soon after. Must be busy for the drama.

I like Subaru's singing voice a lot. Johnny's who can sing. Let us see, Subaru, Jin, Ohno, Nino sometimes, Tegoshi (relatively better than the others, not GOOD though) Sakamoto, I like Inocchi's voice too. Tsuyoshi sometimes. Chinen can! What? He really can.

May I repeat that I really hope Maruyama can shut up at times and stop overacting like that because sometimes, I think he is retarded. No offense, but I really think that if he doesn't act like THAT, I would like to watch Kanjani8 more than I already do.

When the boys were inviting to sit and talk, they had to move further further and cram into one row of seats. Macchan and Hamachan were 'pissed'. xD Hamachan was like "You guys finished your song. GO HOME!" xDDD They then wanted Tokunaga Hideaki to write a song for them.


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