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Update: BlogLog helped me find where they all come from. Oh surprise surprise. They want to kill me.... and apparently, I am a JE-Basher... this is totally moronic. Sigh... oh well, I'm going to talk about something else later, cos though I am an attention whore.. *Yeah, I am* I didn't fucking make them read it now did I? Crazy people.


First, and foremost, I would like to direct you to this particular update that I made way back in... like I don't remember when. This is the second and LAST blog update I am dedicating to such things, because this is a place where I have fun and blog about things I like. Things I watched, things I enjoyed.

My blogging is full of sarcasm and critics which are exaggerated because I'm a drama queen. Who in their right minds would dedicate a blog to something they don't like? Okay... that said, I might not be in my right mind most of the time, but that doesn't matter.

The point is, I don't care. I am not going to say that it doesn't bother me. I know these people are directed there by some link, which I am not sure where. Since its always that particular post that people go on and on about. Sure, I can delete the comments. But why throw away all the fun eh?

I didn't quite get what the last few insults in a different language that isn't English is saying, so I had my friend Atzie translated it. She suggested that I past these translations up cos she's an attention whore and so am I. xDDD

For the first comment, its somewhat like this. Normal fonts, originial. Italicized, Atzie. Pink... me, being too free.
"even aku tak de r baek benor tp xde r sampai nk mgumpul dosa. tak kira r ko agama ape tapi sume agama ade ker y mgalakkn pengutukkn..

even I am not as good as to gather sin. doesnt matter what your religion is. no religion allows you to diss people.

I... don't have a religion... really.

"satu je aku nak ckp ada ker org yang sempurna dalam dunia ni tp aku rase ko ni dah tahap cam sempurna benor sampai siap boleh mengutuk fizikal orang"

One thing I want to say, is there a perfect person in this world? but i think you must have reached perfection to diss other people's physical looks.

Oh but I am perfect... kinda. xD

"talented or tak tu hak individu tuk menilai so aku xksh pun ko nk ckp ape.. xreti nyanyi ker or something.. hak ko pun.. tp y xsdp tu mghina fizikal."

talented or not is individual rights so I dont care if you said whatever, unable to sing or something. its your rights. but its not nice to diss physical.

Oh it isn't nice eh? And I said I am nice.... when again? But... why can I insult them of their singing but not their looks? I mean, these people do make a living out of their looks.... more so that their singing. Singing is just a reason for them to place their faces everywhere. Wait it isn't? Hm... I might be confused.

"hope ko nie model atau somebody that y vogue and konon2 'perfect' so xde r cam malu sgt even mgutuk org.. "

i hope you are a model or someone vogue who's so-called perfect so you will not be humiliated so much for dissing people

You bet your sweet ass I am.

"oh ya, pe pun tepuk ati tanya otak r ek.. blog ko pun so xksh r.. aku cuma bg pndapat aku je.. lgpun aku bukan kenal pun dak2 jepun tue.
komen ok tapi mgutuk fizikal tu cam melampau r.. "

oh yeah, whatever it is, clap your heart and ask your brain ok? its your blog so i dont mind. im just giving my opinion, thats all. besides, i dont even know those jap kids. comment is ok but dissing physical is going overboard

You don't mind? After that long-ass comment? I fear to see when you really do mind.

Second weird comment:
"erm...ko org malaysia yer!!!ni mesti dh lame sgt x mkn cabai,kn...?sbb tu ko ckp 2 yg bukn2.nape...kt kwsn umah ko dh abis cabai ker?klu ko nk,aku blh poskn 50kg cabai masak kt ko...ko mention jer kt aku."

oh you're malaysian? you must have not tasted chilli in a long time, right? thats why you speak nonsense. why? the chillis in your area is finished is it? if you want, i can post you 50kg of ripe chillis to you. just mention it to me.

Please do, inflation is hitting my country. Price of everything is going up. I need monay.

"aku heran ngan ko sbnornyer.ko kate kau xsuker,tp byk plak koleksi2 dorg yg ko ade.yg aku xthn blh plak ko kutuk dorg mcm2...muke buayalh,konon2 gangsterlh,lembiklh,mcm pmpuanlh...ntah ape2 lg yg ko mention"

Im really flabbergasted by you, you said you dont like, but you have a vast collection of their stuff. I cant stand it when you diss them macam2. crocodile, so-called gangsta, soft, girlish, and whatever else you mention!

I said bad stuff, but I watch them. Piece it together you moron. I wouldn't even watch a second of something I really hate. Piece it together dimwits.

"aku bkn apelh,aku rase ko pun tau kn yg setiap agama dlm dunia ni pun bgtau dn terangkn dgn jelas lg bersuluh bhw xde sorg manusia yg sempurna dlm dunia ni."

"Im not what, i think you also know that every religion in this world had clearly stated that no human is perfect in this world

As I said, I have no religion. I worship the bottle. Has to be made of glass though. None of your non-environmental-friendly plastics. Save the world, bitch.

"tp klu ko dh bute sgt smpai sdap2 hati mengata org mcm 2,aku rase lbih baik ko minum peluntur(clorox)...bg cuci sikit hati ko yg dh hitam mcm bontot kuali...klu xcuci jgk,ko sental ngan berus besi."

but if you are so as to be blind to the point where you just diss people as you please, i think its better if you drink clorox. to cleanse your black heart, as black as a wok's butt. if not clean then scrub with steel brush.

xDDD This is funny. xDD This is... really, funny.

"lagi 1 yg aku xpuas hati,ko sdap2 hati busuk ko mgata terang2 ttg dorg.ko kate ko benci nakamaru sbb hidung die bsar...lg ko kate muke ueda mcm pmpuan,koki selekeh...kame bermuka buaya!!!ape...muker ko 2 cntik sgt ker smpai ko sdap2 ckap bkn ttg org lain"

one more thing Im not satisfied, you as your black heart desires diss people in the open. you said you hate nakamaru coz his nose is big. then you said ueda's face is girly, koki selekeh, kame crocodile face!!! what...you face so pretty you can sedap2 say about others?

Uh-huh, oh you can't diss people looks.... whatcha doin again?

"heeeiii...klu ko dh cntik sgt..sempurna mcm bidadari kayangan...nape x tunjuk jer muker ko sbnrnyer!!aku pun nk tau jgk sehebat mane ko 2.ni x,ltak gmbr tembok mane ntah...agak2lh kn muker ko 2 mmg muker tembok kot.sbb tulh ko xmalu nk mgata.psl koki 2,lantak dielh nk pkai ape...yg ko sebok apesal!!!lg ueda...dh muker die cntik,nk wat mcm mane?!nape,ko jeles ker?"

heeeiii if you face so pretty, perfect like a goddess from heaven, why not show your real face? i want to know how great you are. not this, put a picture of whatever wall. maybe your face is like a wall? thats why you are not ashamed to diss. about koki, who cares what he wears why you so busy!!!! and ueda...his face is pretty, what to do? why? you're jealous?

Cos I am THAT hot. xD You country bumpkin. xDDDD

It is about 2 a.m. My neighbours are calling pest control because probably, they are assuming that my family keeps hyenas for pets. For a moment, I couldn't breathe from all the laughing.

Atzie says that its some chick from some rural area who probably rear chickens for a living. Or something.

I thank them for giving my friend Atzie and I a great time. ILU. Okay, hilarious, ain't it? I am sure, this might ignite some anger again. But hey, I am only human, I can make only so many people love me. The rest... well, I don't quite fucking care.

Oh and yes, I'm hot. xD Too good for your eyes, bitch.

Hows that? Its a confidence booster.

Know that there are some people who are worst off. Always. Most of us are intelligent people. Unlike some people... xD Not implying nothin'.

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  1. i think they take themselves too seriously to see the humour behind your words.

    or maybe its just the culture difference.

  2. xD I guess. Its fun though, drama once in a while.

  3. I can go professional with my translating job xD.

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