[TV] Waratte Iitomo Spring SP

7 April 2008


Yes, OMFG.

Nakai kept calling Ryo "Ashi no ura". I LOLed so much! Nakai pwns Ryo. Ueno Juri looks so pretty! Masami looks cute, as always. xD Eita looks yummy! And Asami looks hawt, as usual. xD Hiro looks... shaggable. What? Its just a descriptive term. KimuTaku has bad teeth. So does 98% of the Johnny's before they got big.

I lurve the interaction between the "Last Friends" cast. It seems that they bonded well eh? Awww.... I am just biased but, gosh I love the cast. xD I initially expected some catfights. But aww... they were so close.

I will watch it after I am back from the trip. I don't have time to screencap the whole damn SP, so I am just going to do the "Last Friends" part. I think. Well, we'll see.

Oh, the archery part. I miss doing archery. xD I did it once, even if I went there just to sit around, and hold the bow once in a while, and skip the warm up exercises. xD What? At least I hold the bow more than others okay?

At the beginning, when Masami was trying to introduce the drama, a little synopsis, the fans were too freakin' loud. Nakai was like "The hell are you guys screaming at?" (He didn't phrase it like that... but... err...) xD Apparently it was Ryo that the audience were fangirling over.

Nakai then asked "The hell are the two girls kissing in the poster?" (Again... he didn't say it like that.) xD I think the shoujo-ai thing is going to be the big surprise so they aren't really saying it straightforward yet. Juri is so pretty. Then Nakai was like "The hell does your character do?" to Ryo. Ryo was like "Oh I'm a DV (domestic violence) man." All proud and stuff. The bitch is so proud of his display of sadism. Oh... which is why the girls are all calling out for him anyways.

Poor Eita though, being eclipsed by Ryo just cos he is Johnny's and Eita isn't. And Nakai is Johnny's and KimuTaku is Johnny's. Eita is supposed to be the MAN. You know? xD his name comes first.

Then they had to do puns in another game. (Offtopic: Junno would so excel in this game) The fans were like "Aww, cute, cute!". Nakai was like "The hell are you screaming at? She won't be an actress if she ain't cute!" xD (Again... my choice of words, not his.) Juri didn't understand the kanji she was supposed to use in a pun joke. So, the hosts were like "..." Then Masami gave her a hug and was so protective. xD Also, also, Masami touched Ryo's arm and was joking with him. xDD Aww... xD I thought she would be intimidated, since Ryo's a sadist (Don't tell me he was acting, he is a sadist.)

They then had to throw rubber balls through a square located a distance away from where they stood. xD Juri missed and said something I didn't understand. But I think Nakai thinks its quite rude so he was like "Yo, bitch, choice of words!" Evil, that Nakai. xD (Do I have to even mention that it was my choice of words and not his?) Nakai totally LOLed at Juri. Nakai also totally went "ashi no ura!" at Ryo. xD Oh well, he can't really stop calling him that now eh?

Some lame games went by and then it was the ARCHERY game. Juri, Asami and Ryo all scored 100. But Ryo's was a golden arrow so his score doubled. Ryo was teased a lot before he got to shoot. xD Something about him being hot and loved by the women. And his arm-scratching when he was nervous. Nakai was like "Oi sole of the foot, chicks dig you much?" (I don't even wanna start...) Ryo was pretending to be modest and all and was like "Not really, not really." In fact, I think he was basking in his glory as the fans call him hot and shaggable. *Cough* What?

They had a word guessing game where Ryo squirmed a lot and he was feeling himself like it was nobody's business. xD That slug. xD Giving fanservice ain't he? Yes, its all about Ryo... what? I am biased. Bite me.


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  1. nishikido ryo.
    sometimes i don't even know myself why i like him.
    but yeah..
    haha..thanks for the screen caps.

  2. Awww, you're welcome. =D

  3. XD ahhh, archery...shall we go visit sometime? Wonder how coachie is =/.

  4. did u see how friggin disappointed Juri was after her shot--->i suppose she was confident hitting bullseye after the last attempt during Nodame era at the same show. xD

    ryo sure is the attention there, no doubt. Eita looks so lonely...aih..

  5. I think Ryo was the most disappointed one, uttering apologies.

    I don't know why they are so worked up over a game. Sure you get money, but its not like they are waiting for the money to buy bread for the family.

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