[TV] Odoroki no Arashi 4

6 April 2008

I am so late, I know. Its just my internet was crawling like a decapitated and castrated slug. If that is possible.

Anyways, this "Odoroki no Arashi" is the shizz. xD

Their first experiment was that they tried to make a hot air balloon from newspaper and then try to fly it. They then forced Sho to ride on it on account of his name, even though Jun loves high places. But of course, our prissy bitch's life is too precious to risk. xDDD Forgive my rudeness but I have never seen Jun done anything too risky since... since... *thinks for a bit*. You know, nevermind. But he looked so happy on that hot air ballon (not the newspaper one) and then when he started shaking the thing, Degawa was freaked out. xD Was funnay.

Second, Ohno and Nino tried to make white strawberries, tomatoes, and errr stuff. Well the strawberries were white. Why don't they make blue ones? White is fugly. Anyways, the also stuff fruits and veggies into bottles to make... bottle-shaped stuff. Was okay. xD Nino still had his um... hair-thing on his head. Ohno looks fine.

Thirdly, Aiba and Sho tried to row a boat to Hatsushima. And as expected of Odoroki no Arashi, it is not just any boat that they are rowing. Its a fucking hay-boat. There was the leaf, the box, the ice riding now its hay. Who knows, next time they might ride on a big piece of chocolate. It was a strong, steady-looking boat. xD They then released the sails to find that... it was tiny. Then there was no wind. xDDD There later was a leak in the boat, when they were scooping the water out, a large boat came along. OMFG Takeda got to lie on top of Aiba. That is blasphemy! That fatty ain't worthy of it. Rawr him. The two remaining later were Aiba and Sho. They struggled and struggled. But it was impossible. xD Sho then declared the experiment a failure and fell exaggeratedly. Aiba then found himself the only one standing, he jumped. xD These people...

Nino then asked if the boat was dragged by another. xDDD Sho and Aiba sprang up and tried to stop him from giving away more secrets.

Fourth experiment was to find out if two books, intertwined leaf by leaf, is strong enough to drag a person up, a car forward, and a train forward. Jun and Ohno went for this experiment. Jun and Ohno are the funniest pair. (What? I really think so right now.) xD When they came to the train part... the two dressed up as the captain and... err... Ohno looked soooooooo funnay. Jun was extraordinary happy. That might be just me... but... xD

Fifth experiment: What do you see if you are trapped inside a pyramid shaped thingie and the walls were made from mirror-material? But before Ohno and Nino can get that experiment on, they inserted a clip of another mirror experiment. Aiba. Mirrorman. The stupidity is unmatched. He went skating in the snow wearing THAT mirror suit. Ohno then acted freakeh in the mirror pyramid.

Last experiment was to find out if an orchestra can play underwater. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? I am not going to even try to explain how ridiculous this is. But its ridiculous in an adorable way. xD OMFG Shinya of Luna Sea was one of the orchestra members in the experiment! I was like... "Eww... the hell happened to him?" Nino joined for the cymbals. xD I don't know what to say... err... Shinya's drums and the violin worked underwater. xD Was fun watching.



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