[SP] Proposal Daisakusen


Starring: Yamashita Tomohisa, Nagasawa Masami, Eikura Nana, Hiraoka Yuta, Hamada Gaku, Fujiki Naohito...

The SP took off exactly where the drama left off. Iwase Ken left his childhood friend's, the love of his life's wedding broken hearted. He took a cab and left the scene after giving a moving speech about his love for her. Rei left her own wedding in pursuit of Ken. While the cab Ken was riding in had a petrol insufficiency problem, he had to push the cab and we hear a voice calling "Kenzou!" from behind. Ken turned around and smiled.
This 2 hours show tells us that it was indeed, as everyone expected, Rei who called out to Ken as she was the only one who had known Ken as such since forever. The two had a talk and got their love affair moving. The scene fast forwards to a year later where Tsuru and Eri were to be married in Hawaii.
The wedding fell apart as the bride was discovered to be missing. Looking at Tsuru's situation reminded Ken of the wedding with a similar happening a year ago. With the help of the freaky fairy, Ken went back to the past, determined to save his friends' wedding and regained his courage to face Rei's parents.
Firstly, I did NOT take a nickname from this drama. NOT. Pi is not even my favourite NewS member anyways.

Secondly, awww... I enjoyed this. Very... nostalgic. The songs, the characters. Except Yuta's hair... the hell?
It gives completion, which is what the drama didn't give. I like this.

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