[TV] Soreyuke Daida Man

5 April 2008

I don't know what this is... but it has Kanjani8 and its a show. So? I watched it.

I think its sort of like Kanjani8 going around, helping people with in trouble or just lazy farts.

The first one had Ryo, Subaru and Hina helping a total slob of a woman clean her room up. xD Ryo's expressions were priceless, oh how the threesome were disgusted by the room and its condition. Subaru is cute as a button. No really, he reminds me of my big bully of a neighbour. Short but evil and insane. Ah...

Ryo and Hina cleaned the living room while Subaru got the mighty savvy task of cleaning the kitchen AND the washroom. Eww... the sink in the kitchen was totally gross. Like major gross. That bitch totally should clean up after herself. I, the self proclaimed slob, am saying this. That is fucked up, that apartment. And I thought I was messy. Seriously...

Ryo then started to get irritated by the woman who won't throw things away. Pissed!Ryo is not fun to watch. Not fun at all. He'd so throw you down on the floor and slap you ala DV. What? I am very involved in the drama right now okay? He gave her a lecture, a long-ass lecture about how if you don't throw away the things you don't use, your room will never be able to be tidied up.

Baru then found a dead, big, but dead cockroach in the sink. OMFG I am seriously grossed out right now. I need donuts. I crave donuts. (Random, I know. But I am hungry, you see.) Later, Ryo just stopped cleaning and watched from aside. xD Then Ryo was like "Oh the two Ossans are amazing eh?" and joined in the cleaning a bit later.

7 hours later, the room practically sparkled. Because they had Ryo, Baru and Hina cleaning it. Screw that bitch, they should come and clean my room. xD What? I kid okay? xD

I can't find the second part of the show. RAWR!

Okay, I am cool.


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