[TV] Gakkou e Ikou! MAX

29 April 2008

Can I use the word 'moe' and be damned into the otaku-hell?

I define the word 'moe' as "OMFG The variety show producers are trying to murder me with having Nino kiss a dude who looks like a chick who has dude-like features but still is hotter than a lot of chicks."

Yes, that.

In the previous Gakkou e Ikou! MAX, we saw Nino's excitement and the expression of his wish to go on this show to see dudes who dress up as chicks because we all know that Nino loves Ohno in that maid outfit a while back. We also know that Nino likes crossdressing. That Chinese qipao that he wore... I initially thought that he wanted to go on the show to get some crossdressing ideas or learn a few tricks like "How to hide your Adam's apple?" or "How to make your eyes sparkle?" you know, girlish stuff.

But no! We later find that Nino sneaked on to the show to kiss dudes and kneel in front of the sexy long legs owned by dudes. Nino you sneak. Ken got to lie on a dude who looks like a chick's lap. Ah, we can tell, the boys were having fun being gay. Ah, can you tell? I am having fun watching the boys being gay. I can also tell, they went home with little crushes that day. What? I am not fabricating stories. I am just... xD entertaining myself?

Junichi and Go both chose Suzuki as well. The one that kissed Nino and hugged Nino and chose Nino. Even the old dude was like caressing his face in the picture. Gasp, old dude forgot Kumamoto! How could he?! Men are crap. They love new things and then abandon old things.

Nino really looks way better with his new shorter hair. Well, its not new in idol context... but I need another haircut. I am thinking... maybe I should get the haircut of one of the participants. The one that they said looks like a news announcer. Yes, that one. xD The first participant got to have Nino ogling his fake boobies. Bitch. What? I kid. Second participant played around with Nino's hair. xD Lucky bitch. I'd steal a few strands and then frame it. xD What?

The one that looks cute... got to kiss Nino. Well i forgot which it is but whatever. The last one got to kiss Nino too. If Ohno watched this... he'd so go and kiss Chinen for revenge. xD You watch. He will, considering how loyal Chinen is. xD Yes, I watched that Heyx3 HSJ appearance. The last participant had Nino crawling on all fours at one point. Literally. xD


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