[TV] Arashi no Shukudaikun

5 May 2008

I am so late, I know. But I was supposed to have a presentation this morning. But my lecturer just canceled it like that or rather, postponed it to next week. Oh well... I have to move on to my other business report now. But before that, of course, weekends, I'll have more time to update this sucka...

xD It was a hilarious Shukudai episode. Not VERY hilarious, just funny, in a... funny kinda way?

First, we have slutty, self-absorbed, rich bitch doctor on the show. xD I totally think she's hilarious. xD Her stethoscope is plated gold and they were like "The hell is it gold again?" then she was like "Yeah, suits me, doesn't it?" xD

She totally rocks. xD

Anyways, in the beginning, Aiba got tsukkomi-ed by Sho. Aiba asked the wrong question to the wrong person, he was like "How pretty is the guest again?" to Sho. They were supposed to 'not know' who the guest is yet... so... xD Sho was like "Are you supposed to ask me that?"

Poor Aiba. Ebil Sho. Bad Sho.

xD When Ohno ate the limited serving per day cake, and was asked how it tasted, he had the most... most... adorable look in his face. Now I seldom use adorable on these men, cos... its wrong. But that face of Ohno's... and that subtle "Ah... Oishii" is, is just... there are no other words to describe it.

Aiba was being 'amaenbo' (how the hell are you supposed to translate that word to English?! Its not being spoiled. Its not exactly that. But its the closest to it.) to the pretty doctor... xD Then showed his nipples to the world. Not that he never showed it to the world. Just that not recently and since Jun and Sho got to show his nipples to the world with the nipples T-Shirt, Aiba wants some of the cake as well. Then the doctor was like "Dude, you ain't sick, just stay home and sleep." xD Aiba got pissed, stood up and go "Are doctors supposed to be like this?" xD That expression is funnay.

When Jun was trying to use the pick pinned on his chest to capture the noise the dish that was in the box was making, Sho was like "Don't put your nipple there!". Seriously Sho. SERIOUSLY. Your twisted mind.

The last dish, the ramen was made from... some expensive whatever. And Sho was all pretending to be examining the food, the guest was supposed to eat first. But Sho just took the first mouthful from it suddenly. xD WTF. When the guest tasted it, she said "Oh Arashi won't understand this sort of delicious food." Arashi was like "Hell, we'll show ya understanding. GO LEADER" What a good choice, Arashi. What a good choice of representative you have.

As expected, besides "Umeee", Ohno said nothing else.

Drawing session, Ohno, Sho and Guest were to draw a grasshopper and a hippo. What Sho and Guest Chick were drawing? xD Deformed creatures of a new species. Ohno wasn't much better in the hippo part. xD When Sho was drawing his hippo, he was totally laughing like crazeh, and Jun was like "Its good that there are people who can't draw and know how to laugh at their own work." xDDD Its a work of art... xD That hippo.

Btw, MatsuJun looks like crap today. Maybe he should get some sleep amidst all the "Kakushitoride no San-Akunin" Promo. Seriously. His eyes look funny in this episode.

Aiba skip. Aiba dunk. Ah... *drifts into Airando*


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