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Starring: Takeuchi Yuko, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Takaoka Sousuke...

Set in the 1910s, this movie tells a story of (cliched, I know) forbidden love. Ayakura Satoko and Matsugae Kiyoaki were childhood friends. When they grew into young adulthood, Satoko harboured feelings for Kiyoaki whose friend Honda has the hots for Satoko. Love at first sight, baby. xD
Anyways, in order to rid Satoko of the feelings she has for himself, Kiyoaki wrote a letter about his late night rendezvous with hookers and geishas. At a party, Kiyoaki was made to entertain princes from Thailand. And my that accent and that fluency. xD Tsumabuki Satoshi, you got it boy! xD Sorry. Am I supposed to describe the story again? Screw this. (FYI, he pronounced Satoko as Satoukou. xDDD I almost died lol-ing)
Somewhere along the line, Kiyoaki decided that he wants a girlfriend, so... yeah, that mind-changing bastard. And so they fell in love and shit happens. Something about the chick's betrothal to some bigwig royal dude. Then shit happens again, like premarital sex and stuff. (Which is basically what A LOT of Japanese movies are about.)


Okay, firstly, Kiyoaki was being stubborn and such a love tragedy will NOT happen in the first place had Kiyoaki not been the spoiled, proud little brat that he is. Satoko knew what she wanted since forever, and at least she had been honest about her feelings.

So I blame it on the man. Its always the man. Even though in this case, Kiyoaki was still a kid when shit started to happen. Tsumabuki Satoshi... did he really do the English-speaking lines by himself? How long did he study to get that accent thingie going on? xD

Takeuchi Yuko is pretty and sweet-looking as usual. One question... who the hell is that hot dude playing Honda? xD He's way hot and way taller than Tsumabuki. Nevermind. xD I thought I have seen him somewhere. Lemme check. Oh Yukio from Aoi Haru and Sugimura from Battle Royale! xD
Two sad romance-centred movies in less than 24 hours.

Well, I have to admit that I didn't have a lot of patience in watching movies centralized on love and nothing else. Movies that planned its plot around love are just.. kinda boring, really.

They fall in love. Shit happens. Ending. It seems that Asians like sad endings to their movies eh.

Oh well, I guess they feel good in knowing that people with love can still have a sucky life. So its good that they don't have it. xD Or something.

I make no sense, nevermind.

I think the movie left out something important that the novel included. Yeah... something yaoi.

I need to watch more Tsumabuki Satoshi. xD Not that I am not watching enough of him. He has this charm... I can't describe. Lets not...


I knew what was going to happen.

Yeah, I read spoilers.

So it wasn't as good.

My fault, not the movie's.

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