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30 April 2008

Guest: Masi Oka

The 'yatta' guy from "Heroes" was the guest on the show for this episode. xD He's a genius. Or so it was said. Anyways, Junno and Jin are big "Heroes" fans. Who isn't? With Milo Ventimiglia's sexayness poured all over the episodes...


So.... Jin was really excited in this episode, since he's a big "Heroes" fan. May I say... Kame's hair is... what the hell is that black patch of thing that took the space of his hair?

Junno actually looks cute with shorter hair. Junno gives out a ChangMin from Tohoshinki kinda aura. All smiley, all tall and skinny. But ChangMin is way evil as compared to kind Junno. Junno is annoying at times, especially during that solo of his with that crazy-ass outfit with the horns. What the hell was he thinking?

I know since the rest was all cool and sexy and slutty, Junno had to stand out by doing stuff. The thing is... he shouldn't really do something as disgraceful as that.

Anyways, when Masi Oka appeared and was all "YATTA!" and the rest followed, I was laughing like crazeh. xD Seriously... Jin still wouldn't stop yatta-ing although Masi Oka stopped. When Kame pointed out that he appeared in "1 Pound Gospel", the drama adapted from one of Masi Oka's favourite mangaka, Masi said that he'd buy the DVD because the drama finished airing. Aww... Kame was all happy and stuff.

Masi Oka did the CG on some movies and George Lucas is his boss. I didn't know that. JUNNO stop the "iriguchi deguchi Taguchi desu" shit. Really. xDDD The guests were all dismissing it weren't they? Only Maya Miki liked it cos she favours Taguchi. It's the motherly thing. After a boring section, we have the collaboration of Masi Oka and Nakamaru Yuichi in beatboxing. xD

Aww... okay. When Nakamaru was to be judged if he would be able to appear in "Heroes" the other members didn't voted for him to appear. When Masi Oka said "Personally, I think that you qualify to appear." The next second, Jin immediately raised his thingie as well and said what Masi Oka said. xD Jin you idiot.

Next episode they have Yumichika don't they? I want to see Kame's Dylan and Yumichika's Catherine. xDDD

I dreamed of that Arashi calendar which I didn't buy the other day.


I hate myself.

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