[TV] Music Fair 21

19 April 2008

JaeJoong and A-chan from Perfume should date and then make funny babies.

They crack me up. xD

A-chan is hilarious. I first saw Perfume on Domoto Kyoudai, and seriously, A-chan is just fucking funnay!

And Music Fair 21 had Tohoshinki, TRF, Perfume and Shoko-tan appear together and sang TRF's "Boy Meets Girl".

Tohoshinki sang their unimpressive new single, "Beautiful You". They talked and then they sang and then they talked and then they sang.

A-chan described how she hates men who look themselves in the mirror and think that they're so hot and everything. YU-KI from TRF said that she hates men who uses a lot of emoticons in their mails.

JaeJoong found both descriptions seem to refer to him. He threw a mini-tantrum. xD Just that alone managed to bring me back to watching a bit of DBSK/TVXQ/THSK videos and that DVD I have that is collecting dust. I saw the DVD in Bangkok, they are selling it for about 700 baht. It has become really cheap hasn't it?


Oh well, since it has no resell value anymore, I think I am keeping it.

Why don't JaeJoong and A-chan go and produce funny babies? xD What? Funny babies will make the world a better place. The kids nowadays have bad manners, are impolite and seriously, they are just plain evil. I won't want to be a kid in this era. Sigh.

I still find that song a trainwreck. A total trainwreck. That "Beautiful You". So I went back and listened to their Korean songs. Ah... the good old days. I like how they are popular in Japan now but the thing is, they are starting to throw out mediocre songs. I haven't heard a good one since "Lovin' You".

I think its safe to say here that Korean guys are more sensitive and Japanese guys are male chauvinists. "Oh the girl has to cook."

xD I can, I can boil an egg.


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