[Utaban] NewS - Summer Time

8 May 2008

Happy Momma's Day folks. I mean, today, not the day this is aired. I seem to be very behind on these things nowadays. Its sad. Cos, I really have very little free time in my hands nowadays. I have a presentation at the end of this week and I think my lecturer dislikes me. Then I have a report due next week and I think that lecturer dislikes me as well. Or is it that I am too sensitive?

Anyways, NewS participates in the section where they have experts fixing the price for something that they think is their treasure. Ryo brought a Dom Perignon from 1985. Masuda brought a baseball with the signature of Nagashima Shigeo. Tegoshi brought a stamp book, Pi brought a ball signed by ICHIRO and the shoes... The hell is this ICHIRO? Nevermind.

The song was fun to hear live. Its refreshing and it has this summer thing about it (duh) so its kinda good. xD Tegoshi... should go with shorter black hair.

Have I blogged about that time NewS appeared in Heyx3 for this single? I really have this really bad memory. I fear...

The thing I don't like about NewS is the fame-gap between the famous and the not-so-famous. I have mentioned it many times, Pi and Ryo and sometimes Tegoshi are always placed in the centre while the others are always placed at the sides. I know, since Pi is the most experienced and all but that though I think he is okay and sure... he is successful and stuff, he must have his strong points. But I hate that poker face of his. I watched Jounetsu Tairiku and he wouldn't smile for the camera. He was like "I can't smile." That statement alone threw me off. Smile, you are an idol, its your job. Hey remember the days when he was green and grateful and would smile and strip for the camera? Yeah, those days are long gone. His ego is inflated by the fame that he got.

Tegoshi is just a femmie, whiny little girl. I forgive him for his overacting on stage, I really do. You know how girls want attention, likes to like bitch around and grab attention? That's what Tegoshi is doing. I think its good. xD I mean, in a boyband, if you don't do that, you'll eventually fade into oblivion and be like... Nakamaru. xD

Ryo... still that silver-tongue bitch, I see. xDDD I miss watching Kanjani8. Ever since Muchaburi ended... Anyways, err... its kinda a pain watching him sing. It looks like it takes too much effort, you know? It seems like it takes so much energy to get the voice out. And he sings with his left hand like... placed... THERE. Why does it do that? I have noticed that for a while, wonder if he notices that himself.

Shige, Koyama and Masuda... should really... I don't know. They hardly speak at times...

Nagasawa Masami has worked with both Ryo and Pi and Takki and Jun and Nino. I don't know why is that relevant to this subject so we will move on to the screencaps.



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