[Scans] Kanebo 2008 Spring Coffret D'or

I went to Singapore recently. Actually, just two weeks ago. It was fun, lots of J-pop and J-rock stuff. I was in Kuala Lumpur too. They had the Johnny's Calendars. From Tackey and Tsubasa, to NewS to Kanjani8 to KAT-TUN and Arashi. I had the Arashi one in my hands. But... T_T

See, I was saving for shopping in Bangkok later.

And its already May anyways and yes, I am making excuses for myself.

Its just printed on paper anyways.

Its so totally fine that I didn't get it.

It is.

I really like this advertising campaign that Kanebo did with the five actresses. I got this brochure thingie in Singapore. I was happy walking into every shopping mall on Orchard Road and yes, I harvested some stuff. xD Not Japanese Entertainment related stuff though. xD I am not that obsessed.

There's Nakatani Miki, Tokiwa Takako, Shibasaki Kou, Sawajiri Erika and Kitagawa Keiko in this ad. I made my guy friends choose the one they think is the prettiest. All of them chose Shibasaki Kou. I was shocked, cos I so totally think that it would be Erika or Keiko. But Kou looks good in here I guess.

I love these ads with lots of famous people. Kanebo has lots of spokespersons eh? There's Mika for the KATE section and then there's Yamada Yu...


Ah bad scanning for the first one. I faced some resizing problems.

Rawr this. xD Its okay, its not like its Arashi.

xD What?

Oh recently I find myself thinking about watching Dong Bang Shin Ki again. I like their Korean stuff better.

Sigh, why the hell are they not releasing a Korean album yet?

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