[Buzz] Code Blue

Code Blue is a drama about doctor-in-trainings who will ride on helicopters and then fly around and save people. Or something.

Yamashita Tomohisa will play a training doctor alongside Aragaki Yui and Toda Erika. I foresee triangle romance type of a love story. Aragaki Yui will be the leading lady and Toda Erika the supporting actress, which probably means that Gakky will get the boy.

Its ironic how back during Galcir days (can't believe I watched that drama in the first place) Toda Erika was the main female character and Yui was sorta like a supporting, credited after Erika. Tables have turned. While Erika still plays supporting roles, Gakky carried not only dramas, but movies as well.

I LOL-ed at the thought of Pi playing a doctor. xD Like... xD seriously. He has problems graduating! (Not that I graduated yet. But still~~ playing a doctor?) Well, whatever I say, I am eventually going to watch this anyway.

So yeah. It will be aired July. Summer drama, like Maou. Though I am looking forward to Maou more. Ohno! Drama! Serious stuff! Toma!

Ohno + Toma pwns Pi + Girls.

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