[PV] Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams Come True

Johnny's Jimusho caters to those who prefer the lolishota types and also pedos. Female pedos. We know H!P covered the male market already.

Chinen will be the top lolishota because he is so... small. xD His growth is stunted. xD Like many of his great senpais before him like Tonisen, Ryo, Ohmiya and the likes. Short men go far in the industry. Doubt not. xD Wonder if he will have a miraculous growth spurt though. It happens. Boys' growth is weird. They get triggered by the weirdest thing. I haven't grown an inch taller since years ago.

The PV... I don't know, its just weird. I am not sure if the boys knew how it was going to turn out. Most of them look lost and confused. And... OMFG Yabu looks weird. O_o

And I have decided that I like all five of the original Hey! Say! 7 and Yaotome Hikaru. The other four can just... I don't know... I don't care. xD

Yes, I did my homework this time around. I watched lots of videos out of curiousity. I wonder what the newer generation of Johnny's is like and I came to a conclusion that they train them young. To be like... gay. Then they'll all grow up to be like Ohmiya and Kame + Koki. I mean, have you seen how Arioka Daiki and Takaki Yuya interact with Chinen? They all but salivate over him. Johnny trained his boys well. They all grew up to be just like him. Of course, those with more serious case of pedo/gayness get ahead of the others faster *cough* Takki *cough*. They world is not the same if this feature does not exist. Girls go "moe moe" at the men hugging each other, carrying each other. We like this. Why else are yaoi mangas so... fussed over?

I LOLed at the video cos like... seriously? What the hell were they doing? I much prefer the PV of Ultra Music Power. The song is not bad at all though. You know, inspirational ones like... reach for your dreams and crap. I mean, remember NewS's early days? Its almost like that.

Now Yabu scares me. That threatening and sudden turn towards the camera really freaked me out. Eff you Yabu! He was like "Te wo nobashite goran!" and the way he suddenly raised his hand towards the camera. I was like OH CRAP HE'S ATTACKING! Okamoto and Morimoto still bugs me. But not much Morimoto as compared to that Okamoto.

Like his seniors before him, Takaki Yuya will propel to fame and popularity because of Gokusen. MatsuJun did it, Akanishi did it, Kamenashi did it. They all became the star of their respective groups. I look forward to Takaki's progress. (Is it me, or he looks a bit like a forty-year-old woman. Maybe its just me.) Will he be the only one to make starring in Gokusen =/= your path to fame? I mean, competition is pretty intense since Yaotome and Yabu were like the Pi and Toma of their generation. Chinen has the back up of the older girls because he is a lolishota and Ohno fans are creepy. (Trust me, I know. *cough* What? Ohno deserves the recognition he receives. He really does. He is like... Ohno. He's irreplaceable.) Yamada Ryosuke and Nakajima Yuto have bright futures with drama credits under their belt.

Ah Miura Haruma. *gasp* That came out of nowhere. xD

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  1. hello! i read your blog occasionally and i have to say that i really love your writings. xD

    anyway, i'm a hey! say! jump fan, former arashi fangirl. lol. i agree that this PV isn't as great as UMP. but have you seen the making-of? looool yaotome, arioka and inoo are so funny they should debut as comedians instead of idols.

    so, yeah. please watch it if you have the time.

    have a good day~ =D

  2. Hellow. xD

    Wait... there's a making video?! *Runs off to hunt it down.*

    Thanks for informing.

    Thanks for reading.

    xD I'll watch it. But I'm too old to fangirl over them. I always thought Yaotome has aspirations to be a comedian when I watched ShoKura episodes.

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